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  1. Whiteboy88

    Watch her Dismount off of a crashing scooter [non mkv content]

    took a trip to the keys and a group of us decided to rent scooter. half of the group never used a scooter and she was one of them. the guy at the shop was showing her how to use the scooter and shortly after she took off i decided to pursuit thinking it might end like it did, im screwed up i...
  2. Whiteboy88

    Just Another Graffiti Photo Thread

    Went out for a quick shoot, a little HDR action. LINK TO THE ALBUM
  3. Whiteboy88

    Its been about a year

    its been about a year since my friend and i decided to clown around and make a rap song and video. Thank you all for watching and happy holidays v4lbLoBNHik
  4. Whiteboy88

    Help ! Something leaked out, but i don't know what it was

    I was driving last night first through a huge puddle of ocean water that im sure got into my engine bay, not sure if this part matters. then while on the highway a huge chunk of something flew under my car it ripped the engine bay shield to shreds. when i parked my car a clear liquid with a hint...
  5. Whiteboy88

    Trip to the local store

    RIuAZThCooU a friend sent this youtube gem to me
  6. Whiteboy88

    Parenting Fail, yes VW content lol

    fingers crossed that its not a repost
  7. Whiteboy88

    Bored and Armed with a Camera
  8. Whiteboy88

    spot the VDUBS

    was watching this... took a few times before i started seeing vdubs in it enjoy 3hfi6uZSsRA
  9. Whiteboy88

    GOLF mk7

    don't kill me, i got bored and photoshoped the dude out of the picture and color matched the front bumper. so i wanted to share car spied in this video go to 4:36 aMh883wahq4
  10. Whiteboy88

    Most of you will hate, but i still love you

    Some of you will hate, but i still love you (funny video) a friend an i got bored and decided to make a song about something we love, volkswagens. we are not rappers and we did this just for fun volk-SWAG-on is a play on words we know its spelled volkswagen well check it out. love it or...
  11. Whiteboy88

    holy jebus [don't get too excitied]

    took a few shots with my new lens all criticism is welcome :thumbsup:
  12. Whiteboy88


    i got a little bored and decided to make some tshirts what you guys think this is the actual font
  13. Whiteboy88

    FS: OEM Springs and Shocks

    SOLD SOLD Will post pics if there is a serious buyer, since they are wrapped inside the box from my coils. 15k miles on the springs and shocks, looking for $125 (+ shipping ) OBO, local buy preferred located in Miami PM offers or questions
  14. Whiteboy88

    Oil Leak ?

    so i've noticed this while changing my oil, i've wiped it down once already just to make sure it didn't just some how get there from somewhere else (i.e. spilled from the top) i doubt its normal, anything i should do, check or just take to the dealer ? (08 with 35k miles on it)
  15. Whiteboy88

    Rear-ended Again :/

    so i got rear ended for the second time within 4 months :mad: im going through insurance. and wanted to know how people get r32 bumpers and so on through insurance claims. the money would be about the same just wanted a change. how does this stuff actually work
  16. Whiteboy88

    some new pics for the new year

    Its been a while since i've taking any pics, let alone any of the car. so here are some pics typical pics against some graffiti. Im well aware that the "fisheye" pics are of crappy quality. the lense adapter was only 15$ the ride is on koni coils with 18" vmr v710 wheels and 225/40r18...
  17. Whiteboy88

    Most common car color

    "A full 26% of cars globally are painted silver, followed closely by black with 24%, the study shows. Rounding out the top five are white and grey, tied at 16%, and red, at 6%." Source...
  18. Whiteboy88

    a watch that matches gti gages color

    Swiss Legend watch model number : SL-1101-BB-01-BA though it was interesting and worth sharing :thumbsup: sad part is i can't find the price and when thats the case its usually something i don't want to see
  19. Whiteboy88

    how do i take this off

    i had my ceiling lining redone, and the dealer screwed up putting this piece back on. twice. so i want to do it myself but i cant seem to get the top pieces off where the "airbag" sign is
  20. Whiteboy88

    Keepin the car Fresh

    not looking but smelling :thumbsup: i've gone through my share of trees, vent inserts, sprays, and those stupid jell things in a cup. but nothing is potent enough to last even more than a week. what do you guys use ? and if you guys use anything to shampoo the cloth seats, anything would help