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  1. Qwoz

    Forge coolant hose kit

    Bump, $100 shipped
  2. Qwoz

    Forge coolant hose kit

    Oh and they are blue, not the red ones pictured on the site.
  3. Qwoz

    Forge coolant hose kit

    Have this coolant hose kit, unused. Purchased from another forum member but never installed, just recently sold my car. Looking for $120 shipped.
  4. Qwoz

    WTB: Factory catalytic converter for MY 2008 GTI

    I have the stock downpipe with catalytic converter available from my 2008 GTI, which I sold a few weeks back. Located in WA. Not really sure what shipping costs would look like. Also just be advised that...
  5. Qwoz

    Jiffylube topped off my coolant with universal

    Need I be worried that it will cause problems when mixing with the g13? I hate how they top yoy off without asking!:mad0259: This has happened in the past a number of times and my thermostat went out last year and needed replacing. Im hoping that isnt in part due to this mixing.
  6. Qwoz

    P0087 Low Fuel Pressure Troubleshooting - VCDS Logs included

    Hey guys, right now I am kind of stumped but I feel that I am getting close to finally sorting this out and I just wanted to see if we have any gurus still on the forum that would be able to make sense of this fueling issue. To start let me summarize the situation. About 2 years and 30,000...
  7. Qwoz

    FS: MKV GTI Stock Shocks and Struts

    Going back to stock-mode to sell or trade in your vehicle? These have 80,000 miles on them, seem to be fully functioning, no leaks. 15$ Each, local pickup only, Seattle Area. Figure I should try and sell them before stashing them away.
  8. Qwoz

    WTB: BSH Throttle Pipe

    Looking for a throttle pipe with a water meth bung for FSI. If you are parting out and have one let me know!
  9. Qwoz

    FS: Black Neuspeed P-Flo intake for FSI

    SOLD It has treated me well for about 40k miles, but I have decided to try my luck with a BSH true seal. This is the go to CAI if you are looking for some extra noise and punch from your motor, but aren't looking to throw down $300+. I would like $150 shipped, $130 local. Comment and PM for...
  10. Qwoz

    WTB VAG-COM Cable for VCDS

    Where is the cheapest place to buy one? Got a CEL that I want to troubleshoot by running some logs. Thanks.
  11. Qwoz

    Wheel creaking sound

    Can anybody diagnose this sound? Only happens at the rear wheels. Im running hr super sports on stock shocks. Its made this noise as long as i can remember.
  12. Qwoz

    Long drive tomorrow, wheel just started screeching, need advice

    So i'm making the long 5 hour drive from Pullman to Seattle tomorrow and my rear right wheel just started acting up. My number one guess is there is a rock stuck between the rotor and something like a heat shield (example shown in video 1). I have had a rock get stuck in the breaks briefly...
  13. Qwoz

    Spoiler fail...

    Just saw this on Facebook. I would go rip it off if I knew where he lives.
  14. Qwoz

    Dry air filter initial impressions

    So after reading a lot about fuel trim issues and MAFs getting filter oil on them I decided to get a AEM dry air-filter and some MAF cleaner, as I recently have been running rich and loosing MPG. Last night I swapped out my old P-flo filter (that I actually just cleaned) with the AEM dry filter...
  15. Qwoz

    000113 - Sensor for Ambient Air Temperature (G17)

    So my brother got a CEL on his mk6 gti yesterday so we scanned it with VCDS and this is what we found. I knew right away it was going to say something about his Ambient Air Sensor because it has been reading 136* for the past couple of days. This is the only fault code. What I don't know is if...
  16. Qwoz

    Wolfsburg = Euro golf GT?

  17. Qwoz

    Pairing 3" DP to 3" catback

    Quick exhaust question. I am thinking about getting a 3" catback system to match my 3" DP. If I get the 3" catback should I have an exhaust shop take out the 2.5" section where they would mate with a clamp? Since both pieces are sold to mate with the rest of the stock exhaust, would it be...
  18. Qwoz

    Cam Follower Awareness Week

    Putting this guy in tomorrow, stay tuned for short video and comparison photos. I've got 37k total mileage, 10k on stage 2... Very interested to see the wear.
  19. Qwoz

    Happy Halloween !

    decided to carve a pumpkin for the first time in years.