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    Who knows about Macs

    There's a work around if you want to upgrade your macOS on your Air.
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    Who knows about Macs

    I have an 11" mba that I'm selling with a charger for $100. Let me know if you're interested.
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    Who knows about Macs

    This is only true if you want your software in Apple's Mac App Store. You can still download anything off any random site, including Applications. This is actually how a lot of people get malware on their Macs.
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    And there goes the Dodge Charger and Challenger.

    Old news. Saw this yesterday on Jalop. :ROFLMAO:
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    Here's the correct forum:
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    Thoughts of buying 8 golf.

    I’m pretty sure he already has a mk7 with 98,000 km on it. I would check YouTube for some comparison videos. The mk8 is built off the mk7 but will have updated tech and will obviously look a little different.
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    best floor jack for the $$?

    Go with something like this: Much more leverage and a better lift pad. They go on sale pretty often too.
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    Video: Delivery of $4.1M Lamborghini Veneno in Miami Beach

    this car is nice and all, but once I go k04 there's just no comparison.
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    Why Do I Need To Unplug My Router Every Few Days?

    I have an airport extreme. Definitely the best router I've ever had. Never had an issue with it , and it's super easy to set up. Also the range is very good. Sure it's more expensive, but you get what you pay for. Sure it's not a "$20" router, but I don't have to worry about replacing it or...
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    What kind of music do you play in these certain moods:

    40hz of gamma binaural. axTImghP9Ts&lis
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    The car game is serious in Russia

    this is exactly why I got bags. I can go anywhere and don't have to worry about scraping anything.
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    Buff Out?

    drunk? probably stoned? come on now.
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    PayPal scams?

    He can do something through paypal called "dispute a transaction". This always him to request a full refund from you if there is something wrong with the item. Once he opens up a case, paypal will contact you and tell you to give him back his money. I would just be carful that he doesn't open a...
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    Hardest Hit I've Ever Seen

    this was a pretty good hit. 4Rmqy7aXSjw
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    I love my GTI's steering wheel so much.......