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  1. SlowNLow

    FS: Canon 7D + Extras

  2. SlowNLow

    Frozen Catch Can

    So with the freezing temps and me being an idiot and forgetting to empty my catch can, it filled up and froze. Now, all the threads I'm seeing show what the signs are when your catch can freezes but not actually what to do when it happens. Seeing as I'm stuck at work, is it possible to start...
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    My H2O pictures

    Hey guys! Haven't posted here in a while but figured i would share a few of my H2O pictures from this year. The whole set can be found on my Flickr:HERE And a picture of my car that the GF took to keep this on topic :thumbsup:
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    FS: 360mm Nardi + Hub + Adapter

    Ran into some tough times and i need to sell my nardi wheel. Must sell asap! It includes everything you need to run it on a Mk5 I know aftermarket wheels are somewhat controversial so please keep your opinions to yourself. :thumbsup: 1 360mm Nardi Wood Wheel with brushed center -Horn button...
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    FS: Canon 70-200 f4L

    Seeing as i don't shoot as much as i used to and i could really use the extra cash, I've decided to sell my L glass. Selling my Canon 70-200 f4L Comes with Hoya polarizer, lens cap, and lens hood. Located in NJ $500 shipped Really need it gone by the end of the week! For pictures or...
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    SoWo 7

    SoWo was a blast as usual. By far my favorite show all year. Had a great time seeing old friends and meeting new ones! A little late with the pictures but hope you guys still enjoy them! :thumbsup: Bryan's STI by MisterBarry, on Flickr Joey's Mk5 by MisterBarry, on Flickr Dan's Mk4 by...
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    Strictly Cell Phone Pictures

    Shitty Iphone 4
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    WTB: Euro Upper Rear

    Got rear ended a few weeks ago Need a Euro Rear Bumper, ONLY the upper part. I'd rather it be somewhat local because i don't want to pay for shipping Thanks! :thumbsup: Picture for reference. Just the upper part Who is MoarLow? by MisterBarry, on Flickr
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    FS: Airlift XL fronts + AH2

    Selling some miscellaneous airride parts for my friend. Looking for local pickup right now. Airlift XL front struts: $600 picked up in NJ Air House 2 rear bags and Dcups: $220 picked up Pictures available upon request. :thumbsup:
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    My H20i shots.

    H20 has become more of a reunion, time to catch up and spend time with old friends that i rarely see. So each year that goes by it seems like i pick up my camera less. Here are the few pictures i did snap this week :thumbsup: Matt's TSX - H20i by MisterBarry, on Flickr STI - H20i by...
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    VagFair 2012

    Check out our coverage of VagFair 2012. A little late but better than never! We have a gallery at the bottom of the feature with over 100 photos. Enjoy!:thumbsup: Some Mk5 content from the show. Check the full feature here-VagFair 2012
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    RIP Felix

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news.. Just found out via Facebook that he has passed. Not sure what happened but i do know he was well known on the forums and the VW community. It's always sad loosing one of our own. :frown::frown: Feel free to add photos. Rest In Peace Waterfest 17...
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    One for the money.

    I haven't posted anything here lately, so decided to share this one that i took today. Summer Lovin' by MisterBarry, on Flickr Heres another recent one with my new rear bumper. Who is MoarLow? by MisterBarry, on Flickr
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    WTB/WTT: Jetta Tan Seats

    Looking for Jetta tan seats. Preferably the leatherette ones I might settle for the cloth ones, depending on price, condition, etc.. Willing to trade my plaid GTI seats or straight buy the Jetta seats if the price is right. Tri-state only please Thanks! :thumbsup:
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    Homono and Shelbzzzzzz

    During my recent trip to Cali i met up with Homono and Shelbi to take some pictures. Enjoy! To check out the rest of my pictures from my trip click here! and "like" us on Facebook...
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    White Castle Tri-State GTG (Mon, 9pm)

    Figured i would throw this up here. Local meet in North NJ that my two friends are running "We used to meet here years ago and what was first a mostly VW/Audi meet spread quickly to welcome other brands as well. The location is perfect, completely out of the way of White Castle and Houlihans...
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    FS: Two Falken 912: 215/40/17 and Two 235/45/17

    These tires came with my wheels that i recently picked up. They aren't the right sizes for me so that's why i'm selling. I don't know how miles they have on them cause i bought the wheels used but they have a lot of tread left on them. Two Falken Ziex ZE-912 -215/40/17 Great condition SOLD...
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    Sleeping Beauty

    As some of you know, i sold my own camera and picked up a 7D on Sunday. I've been dying to use it and tonight i got my chance. I had this shot planned out in my head for a while and finally decided to try it. Since i only have 1 flash i had to do a composite shot. Big thanks to Ronaldo for...
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    Visiting Cali..

    Hey guys, I'm going to Cali in February from the 15-22nd. I'll be staying in Fairfield, CA. I'm really excited since this is my first time visiting the west coast. I'm looking for some cars to shoot. I would really like to get a chance to shoot some of those OG west coast Mk5 heavy hitters. If...