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    POLARBEAR's Better boost and Breather fix- 118TSI/1.4 Twinchargers

    This is FYI of what I have done, seek your own professional advice before attempting it yourself at your own risk. I will answer any questions if anyone posts them. ps: the green and yellow refer to the squarish plastic assembly that is bolted in middle of engine top and hooks up the Red ...

    Help... back right window goes up when you press down/vice versa

    Help... back right window goes up when you press down/vice versa. The button for the back right window (drivers side on my car) seems to be wired upside down and I have only just realised. When I press the button on the main window control panel on the drivers door the window goes up when I...

    CW with Black LED Tail Lights

    Broke one of my normal lights and it was only twice the cost to get these lights vs just 1 left inside tail light. LOL Makes the black trim of the GT really pop out and not look like it needs colour coding. Very bright LED's and they come on super fast when u touch brake which is handy for...

    1 Watt Red LED's Interior lighting from warden_jp2002 on ebay

    "2pcs T10 W5W 168 194 1W High Power LED (Red) Wedge Bulb" x 3 "LED Bulb Out Warning Cancel Resistor Audi BMW Benz VW" x 1 you only need one and you can solder it onto the drivers footwell light. The other lights don't need it. Seller info warden_jp2002 ( 65605 [Feedback score is 50,000 to...


    To get rid of the red fog just take the back of the lights off and remove the clipped in red fog bit. Then remove the clear clip from other side to match and carefully stick the discs back in. Here is DIY for twin reverse/ TWIN Fog lights. Either way they both come on nicely when in Reverse or...

    Sick of beige A pillars? ENTER HERE!

    DIY A Pillar B Pillar C Pillar Trim painting DIY Interior trim painting. VHT Vinyl Dye Black... Great product goes on so nicely. Like your spraying black talcom powder on it. No runs, no Drips. Soaks into fabric just like you want it too. Several light coats gets a nice even colour. You can...

    Girls who make u work for it for ages...

    Are they worth it? Has anyone actually stuck it out for the 2 weeks, 3 weeks, months required for some girls? I lose interest as soon as I realise that they are creating a "permission / resentment" cycle related to sex.

    1.4 TSI supercharger cover removal DIY- POLARMOD!

    You can do this mod by just jacking up front tyres quite high. Get under the car, reach your hand up past the driveshaft on right hand side of the car (drivers side). Just unclip the 2 tabs at the bottom and one at the top that is a bit of a pain to reach but u will get there. Then you have 2...

    I've got mad spray can skills---Grill filled, painted, striped.

    The remaining screw holes are for my slimline number plate. Outer dealer drilled plug holes filled with bondo. Hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of teaching myself to prep and practicing painting and redoing over and over. Now I have it down pat. Paint in one motion from side to...
  10. POLARBEAR666

    $30 - 30 minute IC water spray *No wiring or pump needed*

    I hooked up the right side outlet of the window washer pump (when facing the front of the car) that goes to the rear window sprayer, to a spray nozzle in front of intercooler. Just pull off the hose going to the rear and put on your hose going to your spray nozzle. Nozzle is from
  11. POLARBEAR666

    Heat wrapping manifold, turbo, dump results inside

    Hey guys just wanted to share a $50-100 mod that has made a huge difference to the way my car behaves. I have a scangauge 2 so I can monitor the Intake Air (IA' ) temp versus the outside temp on the MFD. All tests are with the car cruising so that heat soak and thrashing are not issues. Just...
  12. POLARBEAR666

    Pew Pew mod.

    HEHEHE Video :bellyroll:
  13. POLARBEAR666

    The battery: Want to cut 25 pounds from your car?

    Deka batteries are for Harleys/bikes/ATV's etc. But on a tester it had CCA of 720amps vs the oddyssey 680 which only had 390. It PWNED the oddyssey. Deka is a favourite of the go kart and biker community. Good enough for my 1.4! :happyanim:
  14. POLARBEAR666

    GT Sport tuning

    Weight Measurements on things I have removed Hope thats helpful to people considering weight reduction.
  15. POLARBEAR666

    DIY did some custom mods to my 1.4 TSI today!

    DIY Dash tray, HKS intake behind foglight, Subwoofer mounted! HKS filter peaking out through front foglamp cover. Also mounted my subwoofer neatly My DIY skills now include car audio!
  16. POLARBEAR666

    AVC9000 + reverse camera + Sub + Amp + gloss black dash

    What you guys think of my DIY efforts this weekend. AVC9000, eclipse amp with remote sub control, kicker sub in matching carpet. Still gotta secure the sub properly instead of using shoestrings hehe. Total spend: AVC9000 $850 AUD Eclipse Amp $350 AUD Kicker sub $250 AUD Sony Amp 2ch...
  17. POLARBEAR666

    DIY Reversing Camera in a 2007 GT TSI 1.4

    ***No responsibility taken for using these tips and tricks. Seek your own professional help to perform your installation*** I fitted the reversing camera that came with my AVC 9000 head unit. I have a few tips and tricks for you. The power wire that goes to the rear reversing light is in the...
  18. POLARBEAR666

    1.4 TSI vs 2.0TDI GT sports

    Which one is faster if the 2.0 TDI has stage 1 chip. Does anyone know? Has anyone with a 1.4TSI (twincharged motor) raced a 2.0TDI. Both DSG.