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    OEM Premium 7 radio for sale

    Radio was from Customers 2007 GTI, premium 7 model. Works great we just put an 8" Alpine into dash for customer email me at for photos
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    2007 gti, aux question

    So I've a friend with 07 gti My aux is in glovebox, big white plug His car is missing plug but has a male harness plug with 2 wires to it Is this just missing aux port unit or was his wired for a light? He has base multi disc radio and no sat radio or CD changer
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    WTB Headlights, HID version

    looking for MKV headlights to modify for dual bixenon upgrades....
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    WTB: intake kit for 07 GTI

    As title states, looking for great deal for intake for my 07 GTI purchased the KN intake system new for $150 during a special from auto anything but I continue to get EPC light randomly with intake and believe its causing a MAF error of some sort need intake to install so i can return this one...
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    Odd EPC issue and Idle concerns

    Bought a 07 GTI, as daily driver and cut back miles on my Golf R Read got it at really good deal lol anyway the MKV had AEM intake when purchased when I would accelerate quickly the care would stall and throw a EPC light.... local VW place told me its the AEM intake... suggest APR setup, got it...
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    kn kit questions

    Swapping out Eurosport intake for KN unit The kn unit needs the original cool air duct pieces Anyone able post these part numbers and or sell them. Much appreciated in advance
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    Control Arm questions

    I know I need replace bushing on LCA but my question is... Anyone have suggestions on best replacement bushing set? Or how about whole LCA kit? I see Super Pro makes a replacement, but any OEM VW/Audi parts would be just as good? Save weight, gain camber etc plan is the car will be tracked on...
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    new to vw, where or who does your work

    Just bought a used 07 gti for a commuter car basically but seems fun to drive period Anyways who or where do you guys use for maintence work? Im in Canton but work in Alpharetta I just want find someone really knows VW for the work, I just want get it in top shape as I dont know how well it...
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    replaced battery now passenger door doesn't

    OK replaced battery and now only my drivers door only one works Passenger door lock mirror window etc none of it works Is there a reprogramming process to do?
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    swap premium radio for nav unit... anyone

    I want to replace the "premium" radio in my 2007 GTI with a navigation model with aux input and optional rear camera input what all do I need to make the swap? anyone done this and have how to? tried search but only found about Nav color changes not upgrading from one to the other unit
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    wtb parts

    Bought used gti for daily driver... Looking for headliner or material redo mine No sunroof 2dr Also looking for engine cover piece And interior door panels 2007,gti Fahrenheit