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  1. Project337

    Many VW odds and ends (Original Fast NEVER opened, Lanyard, VW Energy Drinks, etc.)

    Here is all the info
  2. Project337

    North Jersey Waterfest cruise down the parkway

    We are putting together a cruise going out of north jersey Meeting up at Mc Donalds rest stop on the Parkway South (near exit 151) at 7:30am on Sunday. Project.
  3. Project337

    Vag-Com in North NJ

    Whats up everyone Looking for some quick settings on my 2010 GTI. Would like to get them done as soon as possible. Hit me up if you can help. I will compensate you for your time. Thanks Project-
  4. Project337

    Free Stock Spring and DV

    Have stock springs and stock DV off a 2007 GTI They are free to who ever wants them. You must pick them up, I will not ship. You can IM me here, first come first serve. Project.
  5. Project337

    FS: Bunch of Stuff oem and aftermarket NJ

    PRICES DROPPED, NEED THIS STUFF GONE, MAKE OFFERS have a bunch of stuff both stock and after market for sale. Id like to keep it local if possible. (All prices are picked up) OBO -Stock DV MINT - $25 -Stock Carpet Floor Matts - Backs have never been stepped on front are mint (i have to get...
  6. Project337

    Time to move on so stuff for sale

    Things in my life have changed a great deal over the last few months and because of it the GTI had to go. I will be taking delivery of a Ford F150 SuperCrew Lariat Edition tomorrow afternoon. This was a super difficult decision for me, but one that had to be made. I will be back in the game...
  7. Project337

    FS: Tailights

    I have up for sale a set of taillights. They were painted with the DIY tint spray and its starting to peal. You cant really tell that tint was really ever there cause of the fading and pealing. They would need to be cleaned with some sort of solution to get all the residue of the spray tint off...
  8. Project337

    WTB: Stock Tail Lights or LEGIT R32's

    Looking for stock tail lights. MUST be MINT. Would also consider R32's, must be legit, R32's, not Painted them in my drive way, bath tub, freezer, etc. Real stock R32's, that have the tint already in them. Like the ones pictured bellow. Can PAYPAL ASAP. Thanks, Project.
  9. Project337

    WTB: Looking for tail light film

    Im looking for tail light film, dark smoked, etc. I would need enough material to cover all the tail lights and would like some to cover the Mirror Blinkers also. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Project.
  10. Project337

    Cruise to Show n Go

    *******UPDATE********* Haven't really gotten that much interest this year in a cruise to the show. I will be pulling through the rest stop around 8:30 and chilling for about 20-30 min, if you want to meet up just be there. If no one show I guess I'm going solo :frown: Whats up everyone...
  11. Project337

    WTB: R32 Tails or Tinted Tails

    Im looking for OEM R32 tails or Full tinted OEM Tails, and not that home made fake spray stuff. It would have to be either professionally done or with the laminate, and it must be flawless. I am very anal about quality, and the ones i got on there now are DIY spray and i cant take it anymore...
  12. Project337

    VW sponsors my drive way

    Just picked up the new 2009 Audi A4 this is the only pic i have so far, will take more of the GTI and Audi together this weekend
  13. Project337

    Waterfest Picture/Video Thread

    Post what ya got. Ill have mine up soon. Had a great time, way to hot, but some nice ass cars.
  14. Project337

    WTB: BSH V-twin or similar

    As the title says I’m looking for a BSH V-twin or something similar. I already have a round piece that has 3 plug-in (1 im using for the Forge DV the other I would need for the boost gauge) but I lost the stupid little nipple so I need a whole new piece. If you have something let me know...
  15. Project337

    My birthday present

    It was my Birthday yesterday and I got me a new toy. So I will be slowing down the work on the GTI. I addition to the pictured, my wife got me something for my car, it should be in today, I think its the AWE boost gauge
  16. Project337

    WTB: Looking for 18's

    Looking for 18 inch wheels, would like something along the lines of Huff's, US R32's, or fahrenheit wheels. Must have tires, must be in perfect condition, no curbs, no scratches, no bumps, etc. Would love to keep it local, will drive if i have to. I am open to other wheels, just let me know...
  17. Project337

    WTB: Evoms Engine Cover

    Looking for an evoms engine cover as seen here: Hit me up if you have one. Thanks Vito.
  18. Project337

    10,000 K service

    Im due for my 10k service on the GTI, its a 6spd. Was wondering what people are paying and what dealer? Thanks Vito.
  19. Project337

    Revo Select Plus problem...HELP!!

    I just picked up a Revo Select Plus and am having a very hard time getting it to connect to my ECU. Here is some back ground... I installed the program with the Microsoft .Net V2.0 and then installed the Select Software. I can launch the software and it will recognize the Switch and I can set...
  20. Project337

    Mini Rt 22 GTG for Lunch

    Since there are quite a few of us that work/live near Rt 22, we will be moving forward with a mini GTG for lunch. I’m thinking Wednesday or Thursday May 28th or 29th. Lets say around 12 - 12:30. We can do TGI Fridays (Center Island in Union right on 22, can be accessed by either west or east...