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  1. Frankenstein_VW

    Yet Another Destroyed Camshaft !

    Had another B7 A4 in the shop, came in for a flash, left without his car and needing a new camshaft ! :frown::thumbsup:
  2. Frankenstein_VW

    Who likes Blown Up Transmissions ? (02Q Content)

    02Q Transmission at its finest.... ...Customer got a little aggressive with his driving, shrapnel managed to punch a hole in the radiator as well ! :thumbsup:
  3. Frankenstein_VW

    Cylinder Head Carbon Build Up Sea Foam Service Limitations

    FSI CARBON BUILD UP from a vehicle with under 60k and Upgraded Turbo System, this cylinder head showed "Mild" Build up compared to other vehicles we have serviced Un-Cleaned Valves Removed from Cylinder Head Sea Foam Cleaning on Two Valves while they were still in the Cylinder Head VS...
  4. Frankenstein_VW

    Redline Speed Worx Presents "Shop Life"

    We have decided to create a thread that we will continually maintain and up-date with what we here at RSW call "Shop Life". It will portray the day-to-day customer work, projects, events and anything else we find worthy of the VW Vortex Community. To start the thread off with something...