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  1. vroomvroom

    WTB: Votex rear bumper guard

    want to buy votex rear bumper guard
  2. vroomvroom

    FS: dual Porsche tipped custom catback exhaust

    Dual Porsche tip custom catback The tips are Porsche tips stainless steel super easy to clean and polish Exhaust is regular grade steel, has one small resonator Other than that it's pretty much straight piped $200 North New Jersey 862-452-8648
  3. vroomvroom

    WTB: Air intake filter

    I have a neuspeed p-fo for FSI. Anyone have a filter laying around that will fit, it doesn't necessarily have to be nuespeed as long as it fits.
  4. vroomvroom

    WTB: thule bike rack

    preferably the fork attatcment one
  5. vroomvroom

    WTB: thule fairing and bike rack

    open to anything, fairing has to have no stickers
  6. vroomvroom

    FS: Mercedes Alphards

    Powder coated gold specs: 18x8.5 et 35 and 18x9.5 et 40 tires are brand new 225/40 all around wheels are mint no curb-age, 2 wheels have slight paint chip around the outer rim 1350
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    anykind of thule roof rack for a mkv gti also a bike attachment if u have it
  8. vroomvroom

    FS: Candy White rear bumper 2 piece colormatched

    im selling this bumper because it does take up to much space its a gti rear bumper the bottom portion has been color matched and i have pictured all the scuffs SOLD
  9. vroomvroom

    FOR SALE: Candy white 2 part rear bumper

    im selling this bumper because it does take up to much space SOLD
  10. vroomvroom

    WTB: cat portion of euroject downpipe

    open to anything. looking for the direct euro jet replacement looks like this
  11. vroomvroom

    Stolen Jeep Sahara Wheels

    My friend's wheels were lifted right out of his back yard in Northern New Jersey. White GLI had them on all summer, no one really has these. Keep a good lookout on the classifieds. Specs: Jeep Saharas 18 x 7.5 with 205/40 nankang tires. Please pm me if u suspect something. LETS FIND...
  12. vroomvroom

    STOLEN WHEELS (jeep sahara)

    My friends wheels were lifted from his back yard. They were on a white GLI all summer. JEEP SAHARA WHEELS 18x7.5 with 205/40 nankangs on them. LETS HELP HIM FIND THE WHEELS
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    SOLD Chrome mercedes alphards: Perfect Condition with New Falken 512s (discontinued tire, stretched the best) Front: 18x8.5 et 35 tire: falken 512 215/40 Rear: 18x9.5 et 40 tire: falken 512 225/40 Stretched very well, i had no rubbing issues. Wheels are in great condition no curb, no chrome...
  14. vroomvroom

    WTT: My Gti front grilles for jetta front grilles!

    my gti grilles are close to perfect, no license plate holes they are clean and the smiley is painted white! Im looking for a chrome jetta front preferably with no license plate holes and it must have fog grilles with fog light cutouts, everything must be the original chrome and i can add money...
  15. vroomvroom

    oil filter housing on too tight?

    i went to a vw dealership today and they told me that the previous person that changed my oil torqued on the oil filter housing way too much. The service manager said that he would have to break it off. Should I i let them replace the housing with another plastic oem one, or should i get the...
  16. vroomvroom

    FT: Burgundy wheels they are Mercedes Amg reps, 18 x 8 et 35 they have brand new tires on them maybe driven only 200 miles!! they are refinished burgundy, with chrome lips. i am open to any offers and pretty much looking for anything. SOLD
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    Something Burgundy

    Recently lowered on streetlines Bought my first set of wheels, refinished them to a burgundy red :happyanim: Went out for some pictures with my buddy.. hope u guys like it.. Filip's Bitch by DGjoreski, on Flickr Filip's Bitch by DGjoreski, on Flickr Filip's Bitch by DGjoreski, on Flickr...
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    Just one.