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    Dallas area

    In Irving for the week for training, any vw meets goin on or anyone have anything cool for sale?

    AR Dubs!

    Currently have a lil over 100 members and looking to expand, if you live in Arkansas or the surrounding states pm me if you're interested in becoming a member. Very active on fb but not so much on forums but we are trying to change that!

    Opinions needed on future upgrades

    Ok so I'm bagging my mkv gti. Gonna be running slam xl front struts and idf rear lca's with re5 bags. The front struts will have the sway bar bracket from dorbritz before i install everything. Also doing a k04 swap with golf R rods and pistons, found a killer deal so why not right? Anyway, my...

    somebody messed up, did i benefit from it?

    So i ordered airlift slam xl struts from a company, but instead i received the new performance dampening adjustable sleeve struts. I'm not 100% on wheels yet but i do know i want a staggered fitment and 18's, leaning toward alphards or tarmacs and will be running 205/40's front and rear. Will...

    WTB: BSH Motor mount for 2.0t

    Might be looking for a bsh motor mount for a friend so i can get an ed30 dsg shift knob from him. Only wants a bsh mount, lemme know if you got one and how much you want for it shipped to 72116

    boxster brake swap help

    So i'm piecing together a swap for the front since i can't find any for sale on the forums, already have the calipers on the way. Do I just use the stock mk5 brake lines? Can't find a write up with required parts so any help is much appreciated. Found a link in another thread for adapter...

    water meth help

    Found a 2.5 bar DevilsOwn kit local for cheap, which wire in which sensor do i tap into on my fsi? Just tryin to find out quick bc if it'll work i'm about to go buy it, just don't wanna buy it and it not work with my car

    FS: S3 Injectors and install kits

    Got these off a Golf R with roughly 10k on them, still basically brand new and will come with new install kits just not in the original packaging. I can text you pics just can't upload them to the page through my phone. Lookin to get 375 shipped for them. Pm me with your number and I'll send...

    stage 2 with s3 injectors

    heard from a few people that there is an option during an apr flash to use s3 injectors? can anyone shed some light on this? found a set with less than 10k on them for 220 with seal kits so I'm pickin them up tonight.
  10. xREVERENDx

    need help on bagging

    gonna start piecing together an air ride setup, a guy I work with has an entire setup he was gonna put on a lexus iirc. Anyway, I was gonna see about buying his management setup if the price was right and was curious if there was any way to tell if the bags he bought would work on the mk5? I...
  11. xREVERENDx

    wtb: front coilover setup

    so long story short a buddy gave me a rear coilover setup and cali lean isn't gonna cut it so I need a front setup. lemme know what ya got and how much shipped to 72116!
  12. xREVERENDx

    272x10 rear rotor

    was cleanin out the garage and came across this, supposed to fit mk6 golfs and mk5 and 6 jettas. Brand new still has vw part # sticker on it. ecs is selling them for 48 plus shipping, i'll let this one go for 35 shipped. its not letting me upload a pic from my phone bt pm me and I can text a...
  13. xREVERENDx

    WTB: Tinted Tails

    lookin for a set of tinted oem tails, pm or post on here some pics and a price. Prefer darker than the r32 tails
  14. xREVERENDx

    in Irving, TX for training. Whats for sale?

    just like title states, in Irving till Friday night just seein whats for sale locally. Dealership gave me a boat to drive with a big trunk (300 C with the "powerful" hemi v8 lulz)
  15. xREVERENDx

    FS: Forge DV Spacer

    bought it from a member here, had it on my car for a couple months then took it off. Don't have pics atm but I can get some Monday when I get back home. 45 shipped?
  16. xREVERENDx

    Feeler: Any interest in oem vw brake fluid?

    just judging interest before I go through the hassle of taking pics n whatnot. prolly have close to 30 cans of it right now but always finding more as i'm goin through stuff in the garage
  17. xREVERENDx

    WTB: 130 in Paypal lookin for a few parts

    really wantin some interior pieces like the dash shelf or the cubby, also lookin for a dogbome insert. Just lemme know what ya got, I may be interested...
  18. xREVERENDx

    WTB: $130 in Paypal, whatcha got?

    Like title says, sold my wheel spacers and wanna put the money back into my car.
  19. xREVERENDx

    need some help from a photoshop guy

    found a set of amg monoblocks local for super cheap but they're black with red and blue metal flake and I don't like black wheels on a black car so here's where I need some assistance from the community. can someone photoshop a set of kawasaki green monoblocks on a bmp gti for me?
  20. xREVERENDx

    under boost cel

    so just went stage 2 yesterday and I am not boosting any higher than I did stock. drove the car for a bit then got a check engine light. checked it and it said under boost. anybody got any insight on what might be causing this?