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  1. UGFast89

    Installing t-tubing

    Anyone know how to remove this metal binding on the stock rubber tubing? I'm trying to install a t-tubing for my boost gauge and I've tried just pulling it out but don't want to run the risk of snapping the plastic nozzle. Please help. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  2. UGFast89

    Replacing stock windshield for rain/light sensor

    Getting my windshield replaced under warranty do to a crack and was wondering if anyone has successfully replaced it with an r32 auto light windshield? If so how much will I be looking to spend for the other parts necessary? I already have an automatic euro switch. Is it an easy DIY? Thanks...
  3. UGFast89

    Interior mold! Please HELP

    I left my car parked in my driveway for a week while I was on vacation and came back and noticed a nasty musty smell in my car. So I checked everywhere and found heavy mold in my car in the rear passenger side of the car. Every time I get in my car it feels nasty and condensed. What can I...
  4. UGFast89

    Door Panel Headliner Fell off

    I've had the car for about 4 years now but would ride with windows down even with slight drops of rain. So that may have factored in. Precisely [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. UGFast89

    Door Panel Headliner Fell off

    Hey guys, So my door panel trim finally came off and I wanted to know an inexpensive way to fix this. I got a quote from a guy here in Miami that charges $100 per door but that's a bit steep. I would rather do this myself but have no experience. Any pointers? Any help would be appreciated...
  6. UGFast89

    Spent 10min viewing ricer videos..

    And I wanna say, I love you all. :smoking:
  7. UGFast89

    WTB: Chrome VW rear emblem

    Anyone have one they are willing to part with? I did the mistake of not plasti-dipping mine and I want to go back to a chrome finish. I just need this portion of the emblem and not the hatch:
  8. UGFast89

    GHL Exhaust Super Sale

    :thumbsup: :biggrin:
  9. UGFast89

    WTB: VW Emblems

    If any of you guys have a spare front and rear emblem (chrome finish) that you are willing to part with please hit me a pm. I don't need the whole latch assembly for the rear just the emblem. Thanks.
  10. UGFast89

    The Golfmkv OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 8)

    So I was woken up at 3am last night by my sister telling me there was a vw outside caught on fire. I never ran outside so fast in my life. Turns out though that it was my neighbors 2011 jetta. I called him over the phone to tell him. It hurt watching that thing burn cuz I know how much he loves...
  11. UGFast89

    FS Milltek Quad Catback South Fl

    Hey guys I have a used milltek quad tip catback exhaust with a resonator up for sale. It is in great shape and the exhaust tips have always been maintained and polished regularly. There is only a few scrapes on the resonator from being too low but nothing major. All in all good tone on wot...
  12. UGFast89

    VAG-COM in South Florida

    VAG-COM in Miami, FL Hey guys, If any of you need any vagcom work on your vw/audi I'm willing to help. I'm located in miami near the downtown area. I can delete drl, enable FTP lights, enable remote control window regulators, run vehicle codes, enable coming/leaving home, and provide you with...
  13. UGFast89

    OFFICIAL FixxFest #9 - Bradenton Drag Strip, Florida - Nov. 17th-18th, 2012

    Some crappy iPhone pics. Other pics on my other cam. Sexy Corrados
  14. UGFast89

    ECS European LED Tail Light Set??

    Failed attempt at trying to get the amber lights(crappy iPhone) Rear fog engaged Camera directly behind fog. Good beacon device lol Fog with brakes Crappy pics that really don't justify these lights. I couldn't get a reverse light pic since I had no one to help me (I mounted a brick on...
  15. UGFast89

    60k mile service

    Help me guys. I took my car to vw yesterday for my 60k mile service which I'm paying $470 for (which seems like a lot to me) and as well as some CPO warranty work. The guy called me today and told me the service part was done and I had asked if he changed the spark plugs. He said its not done...
  16. UGFast89

    WTB: Quad Catback Exhaust

    Preferably GHL in good condition. Anyone?
  17. UGFast89

    Buy-Back Event

    Got a letter today that reads: "youve been selected for our special invitation-only buy-back event at maroone VW because we need your 07 vw gti for resale. In fact, we'll pay you our top dollar right now for your high-demand trade-in. Why such urgency? The demand for pre-owned vehicles has...
  18. UGFast89

    Can anyone tell me what this is for?

    Located right behind the drivers fog light.
  19. UGFast89

    Something I Still Can't Figure Out

    I posted this video in another forum and got no help so I'll try my luck here. Heres a video of my instrument cluster acting up. Its been doing this for a while now and I havent been able to figure it out. The MFD says my rear light is out but when I go and check they are in working order. Also...
  20. UGFast89

    Help Me Fix This!

    I haven't noticed this till a few nights ago and its really bugging the hell out of me. What procedures can I take to fix this?? Can it be done alone without going to the dealer? My car is suppose to look awesome! :mad0259: