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  1. JPmkV

    Monster mats, trunk stuff, suspension, spare tire...

    Located in south jersey/Philly area. Don't really want to ship, but will consider. Gti floor mats/ monster mats: $75 False floor: $35 Gorilla gear: $5ea $12 for all 3 Sub flooring w/ all tools: $50 Spare tire/ wheel: $50 OEM side mirrors: $25 (SOLD) Lower honey comb grill: $10...
  2. JPmkV

    A possible farewell.

    This monday, around 1:30 pm, I was involved in a pretty bad accident. While sitting at a red light a man in a SUV slammed into the rear of my car and pushed me into the rear of another SUV. There was a total of 4 people involved, one man in the Ford (the causer of the accident, probably in his...
  3. JPmkV

    Cult Classic 2013

    Post up your pictures from the Cult Classic meet! Had such a good time! :thumbsup:
  4. JPmkV

    First attempt at light painting

    Just took a couple pictures in my driveway last night, and it was the first time I've ever attempted light painting. I'm pretty happy with the outcome. :thumbsup:
  5. JPmkV

    *Please Help: Electrical Problems after replacing car battery??

    Just replaced the battery in my 2007 2dr gti, and now my driver side door will not lock with the key fob or the inside door buttons, and the alarm will not arm. Passenger side door will lock and unlock with key fob and inside buttons. And now I have noticed that anything electrical on the driver...
  6. JPmkV

    Shorter end links needed with air ride?

    As of now I am riding on 8380's street + coils with stock end links. I'm planning on installing a full air ride setup with autopilot v2 mgmt ASAP, and I just want to know if I should replace my stock end links with shortened ones. Such as these...
  7. JPmkV

    Into the Darkness

  8. JPmkV

    *Fair Warning* It's an mkv on sawblades.

    :yikes: :fighting0030: So it's been a while since I've last posted in the forums, and I wanted to share some shots I finally got around to taking with my new wheels mounted. :thumbsup: I spent months polishing these wheels, and I must admit that after everything I am very content with how...
  9. JPmkV

    JPmkV's H2Oi Picture Thread

    Just a few that I have edited so far. More to come! :thumbsup: Hope everyone enjoys! :headbang:
  10. JPmkV

    Strictly Cell Phone Pictures

    Finally done polishing. Just ordered adapters, now waiting to get a few paychecks before I buy tires. :/
  11. JPmkV

    Strictly Cell Phone Pictures

    Check out my photo stream on Instagram @jpmkv
  12. JPmkV

    Strictly Cell Phone Pictures

    Fixing up some curb rash. :D Before. After :wub:
  13. JPmkV

    Strictly Cell Phone Pictures

    Instagram: @jpmkv
  14. JPmkV

    Strictly Cell Phone Pictures

    Picked up a set of saw blades today. I really want to chrome them, but I can't find anyone locally who can do it. I'm seriously considering fully polishing them. Or powder coating them. Question is, what color would look best on a bmp gti? I'm open to any opinions or suggestions. : D
  15. JPmkV

    WTT: BMP GTI front end, for BMP Jetta front end

    My Front end is in great condition. No license plate holes. Recently replaced lower honeycomb grille and open foglight grilles as as well. I would love to swap all the grilles out for the Jetta grilles. Something in good condition. :thumbsup: example: Here is my front end...
  16. JPmkV

    A few on the Bay..

    Bored, and can't sleep... :eyebulge: I really want an external flash with a diffuser for situations like this. The images are a bit dark. I tried messing with the fill light and what not in lightroom, but anyway, let me know what you think! :thumbsup: 1.) 2.) 3.) One from my neighborhood...
  17. JPmkV

    Gave it another shot

    Captured these right before sunset. Wish I had a little more light, but I think they came out decent. Let me know what you think.. :fighting0030: 1.) 2.) :thumbsup: