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  1. Wild Hare

    I Want a Lexus

    No thanks!
  2. Wild Hare

    Kent, WA parts for sale

    MKV. GTI custom floor mats $50 GTI OEM Tail lights $50 GTI Fog Light (vented) Grills $20 NO SHIPPING!!! .
  3. Wild Hare

    RS7 vs 977TT

    I found this video simply amazing!
  4. Wild Hare

    Blue Lives Matter

    On our way back from Portland yesterday we noticed a few cars with this Blue painters tape on the rear window. We found out it is in support of Blue Lives Matter. We are doing our part to support these great people!
  5. Wild Hare

    FS: MKV GTI items

    SHIPPING IS EXTRA! Shipping will be negotiated once sale is firm. GTI Floor mats ($75). OEM Tail lights ($75). Heated Driver Blind Spot Mirror ($25). OEM Brake Handle ($15). Passenger Fog Light Lens ($15). Hoen Zenon Match 3 Fog Light Bulbs ($20). Parking Light...
  6. Wild Hare

    FS: VW MKV Whiteline Anti-Lift/Caster Kit

    NEW IN BOX!!! $175 (includes shipping to anywhere in the U.S.) VW MKV Whiteline Anti-Lift/Caster Kit. Improves cornering and traction greatly!
  7. Wild Hare

    FS: VW MKV Valve Cover KIT, 2.0t BPY

    VW MKV Valve Cover KIT - $175 (includes shipping to anywhere in USA) NEW IN BOX! VW MKV Valve Cover KIT, 2.0t BPY. Includes... • Valve Cover • (14) Valve Cover Bolts • Valve Cover Gasket • PCV Gasket • Oil Filler Gasket
  8. Wild Hare

    Bilstein Information

    Many have asked me for this so I thought I'd share. After an in-depth conversation with Aaron at Neuspeed he convinced me to get the MKVI Bilstein's vs the MKV for my '07 GTI. They are awesome! Great all around ride and handling. Aaron gave me the above info.
  9. Wild Hare

    WTB: (1) Sumitomo HTR A/S P01 in 225/40-18

    Sumitomo HTR A/S P01 in 225/40-18. Looking for just (1) One. No more than that. I would prefer 1/2 tread depth or close to it please.
  10. Wild Hare

    Tires for my 2007 GTI - Oettinger Wheel?

    Long ago I purchased these Oettinger 18 x 8.5 Type RE wheels and used my old tires (Continental Extreme) that were on my OEM 18" Huffs. The OEM 225/40-R18's tires seemed too spread out (really flattened the tire across the wheel) on the Oettinger wheel and exposed the rim edge. These tires...
  11. Wild Hare

    OEM S3 Intercooler for MKV GTI

    Who has the lowest price on OEM Part# 1K0145803P ? I remember finding them for $250 a while back.
  12. Wild Hare

    WTB: Driver's Seat Left Thigh Bolster

    I have a 2007 GTI with the dark leather seats. I am looking for a like new replacement for my driver's seat left thigh bolster. The foam under the leather is falling apart and I need a replacement. VW only sells the pad with the material, not separate. Please include a close-up picture...
  13. Wild Hare

    Lack of traction "off-the-line"

    I currently have the item below. My car still "bunny hops" off the line. Short of springs and LSD are there any good recommendations? BTW, I have a few mods and I am running about 250HP right now.
  14. Wild Hare

    Test drove a Golf R today at lunch

    Was at the dealer and saw a new Golf R on the lot. I'm a DSG man and could not believe how "smooth" the 6-speed manual was. They have that "sign than drive for 42 months" and I could bank or place my money from my trade in toward the lease of the car. Keep payments low. Not sure what to do...
  15. Wild Hare

    MKV 2.0t Camshaft Warranty Campaign or TSB

    Can anyone provide me with the link regarding the extended coverage on our 2.0t camshaft please? I have been experiencing hard starts in the cold weather now and fuel cuts (limp mode) on the HWY recently at WOT. My dealer just called and said they are replacing the camshaft and all related...
  16. Wild Hare

    .:: Wanting something different ::.

    I asked my long time friend "Randy Pobst" that I want something great in acceleration and braking that won't brake my wallet (under 50k) recommended the following: Corvette ZO6? BMW E46 M3 track prepped? '02 Porsche Turbo? Mustang w brake package? Randy and I go way back to our early days in...
  17. Wild Hare

    Found my next car!

    Screw turbos and V-6's with superchargers! They are just so FUCKING badass! That sound and redline just blow me away. This will be my retirement car.
  18. Wild Hare

    Want to trade for a 5-door R32

    2007 GTI ~ meticulously maintained!!! 60k miles Worth $17,000 Mine since new! All recalls and campaign items taken care of Candy White Votex OEM body kit Cold weather package OEM stereo with CD changer DSG 18” Huffs with NEW all seasons, 10mm spacers and longer lug bolts included...
  19. Wild Hare

    Dad said I'm getting old and need...

    glasses. What do you think?