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  1. Jax$MkV

    FS: FK HighSport Coilovers - Fixed Dampening 35-65mm F&R Drop #FKVW43

    SOLD: FK HighSport Coilovers - Fixed Dampening 35-65mm F&R Drop #FKVW43 SOLD These are fairly low mileage... about 13K miles.Model #FKVW43 Decided to go back to stock due to the roads in my area, a recent back injury, and the commutes. And I'm probably going to sell my car soon too. Paid to...
  2. Jax$MkV

    Shark fin antenna deteroriating.

    Has this happened to any of you? The base of my shark fin antenna has been deterioriating... wondering if any of you have replaced it? Never done it before, but seems pretty easy? Any suggestions for replacements, etc. would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Jax$MkV

    Official Playstation 3 Network Gamers Thread/Discussion

    Haven't really seen any threads dedicated to/for the PS3, so thought I'd create one. There have been several mixed threads regarding PSN users, but not a collective/useful one. I haven't really been on GolfMKV for a while, but was curious to see who's on the PSN. Plus this thread is open for...
  4. Jax$MkV

    Feeler FS: 18x8 ASA AR1s (Silver) 5x112 +45 w/ General Exclaim UHP

    ASA AR1 (Silver)... most consider these BBS RS-GT reps. Especially since they are a sub-company of BBS. They're currently wrapped in General Exclaim UHP tires with about 20% tred. Not set on the pricing yet, but would like to sell these for $600~+ OBO. They are in great condition still with a...
  5. Jax$MkV

    GTI Euro Lip

    SOLD Ok, so decided to put this thing back up for sale. To be honest, had a bunch of sellers before (sorry :frown:), but I pulled this off of the market because I wanted to hang on to it for myself (or my cousin) just incase. But yeah, back up for sale now. Locals have priority of course, and...
  6. Jax$MkV

    ASA GT-1

    Anyone have these wheels? Was wondering how they'd look... I kind of like the style/outer-rim... reminds me of the VMR VB3's in a sense :iono:
  7. Jax$MkV

    So... who said Macs were more reliable/better than PCs?

    I have nothing against Macs but... Owned. :lol: :yikes:
  8. Jax$MkV

    22" Acer X223Wbd Black LCD Monitor PRACTICALLY NEW!

    Hey all, Selling my ~6 month old monitor which is in pristine condition (practically new). Nothing wrong with it-- no dead pixels, no scratches, etc. Flawless. Bought it for about $220 shipped online, and I think I still have the invoice if you need proof. This is a great monitor, and I decided...
  9. Jax$MkV

    Playstation 3 Slim w/ price drop

    $299 released in September. My buddy informed me with this announcement this afternoon and thought I'd share it with you guys. My bro and I currently have an XBOX360 but I don't believe in subscriptions aka Xbox Live. So hopefully I'll have enough funds to give this a go since it has Blu-Ray...
  10. Jax$MkV

    eBay Catback system

    Anyone have this, or know someone that does? Just wondering if it's any good... been hearing a lot of good things about the eBay DP and wanted to see if anyone paired it up with one of these while they're at it :iono...
  11. Jax$MkV

    WTB: OEM GTI MkV Front End Cover (Bra)

    ECS had them on sale for a while, and I missed out :cry:... I need one now. If anyone has one, or know someone that has one for sale (or even know where I can buy one) please let me know! Thanks :smile:
  12. Jax$MkV

    OEM GTI MkV Front End Cover (Bra)

    Anyone know where I can find these or something similar to this? ECS had them on sale for a while, and I was an idiot not to jump on it because now I need one :cry:... I messaged them, and they said they don't sell'em anymore.
  13. Jax$MkV

    Stephon Marbury car crash while filming himself... HAHA!

    This dude needs to seriously retire already and get a life... what a loser. He clearly has issues. Apparently he's filming his own life during the off-season... about 18-24 hours a day... WTF :iono:... his car gets hit at the 1:42 mark. :lol: 4pPwlrRkNVU
  14. Jax$MkV

    FS/Feeler: Eibach Pro-Kit, Votex sideskirts, GTI lowers (lip, sides, rear)

    FS: Eibach Pro-Kit, GTI lowers (sides, rear), Euro Plate Holder Hey all, selling my cousin's Eibach Pro-Kit along with a few parts of mine. See below for more details. I prefer local pick-ups, but if shipping is required maybe we can work something out :smile: (shipping costs needs to be...
  15. Jax$MkV

    Diablo 3

    Blizzard announced the released date: September 30, 2009. :thumbup: Any Diablo fans out there? I played Diablo growing up, and then Diablo II / LOD in high school... still love this game, but don't have as much time to play anymore. Looking forward to Diablo III though... since there's been...
  16. Jax$MkV

    WTB: Dash Tray, Votex Lip, Jetta or Golf GT front grill

    WTB: Jetta or Golf GT front grill Title says it all. Thanks everyone.
  17. Jax$MkV

    Magic: The Gathering ... retards.

    OK, who the FUCK on Earth plays this shit? Excuse my language, and pardon me for venting, but seriously... I'm currently sitting at the student union on campus here at CSULA, and there are a group of fucking college students here being loud like a bunch of idiots, talking about the DUMBEST shit...
  18. Jax$MkV

    Picture Request: Osir V3 Lip + Votex Sideskirts

    Preferrably in BMP, but any other color will do! Please :smile:, thanks in advance!
  19. Jax$MkV

    MFD display fading problems?

    Anyone have this similar problem? It doesn't happen often, but every once in a long while the MFD display fades when I'm driving. It's pretty trippy if you ask me... almost something from a scary movie :bellyroll:. One time it even faded until the MFD display was gone... but it came back about...
  20. Jax$MkV

    Windows 7

    Anyone pre-order it yet? Thoughts or opinions? Let's discuss. :smile: