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    Tail Lights are working Intermittently

    One possibility is your wiring loom. The insulation is notorious for degrading. I had to replace mine, PITA job, and not cheap. If you can remove the tail light start looking at the loom there, follow it back a bit underneath the plastic trim, the trim pops off with a bit of gentle persuasion.
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    Cam Chain Adjuster

    Hi Guys I am about to do a major service on my gti, timing belt, accessory belt and the cam chain. Now regarding the cam chain, most DIY's and kits i have seen up for sale only include the chain, tensioner and associated hardware, but leave out the Cam Chain Adjuster (2.0T FSI Cam Chain...
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    DV O-ring

    Hi guys Have noticed that i am having some oil weeping from between the DV and the mount on the turbo charger (APR K04 kit) The DV is series D. I am under the impression that VW does not sell the O-ring individually, however does anyone know of an after market company that does sell one that...
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    Creaking Popping sounds/vibrations

    Hi All Ok i have had a few issues with my car and its driving me nuts trying to isolate the problems. On initial acceleration in a straight line, while the clutch is getting initial bite and slowly accelerating away i can hear a popping/creaking metallic sound coming from the front right hand...
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    Clutch engagement into 1st vibration

    Hey all. Bit of history first. Have been stage 2+ for about 100,000kms before my DMF decided to pack it in. Have had a stock clutch and DMF replacement about 12 months ago and since day one i noticed in first gear and initial bite of the clutch the car shudders, i almost have to "slip" the...
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    K04 misfire

    Hi all. Had a k04 installed with APR tune and am seeing high RPM misfires, occurring on cylinder #2, occuring at WOT above 4500 RPM. Have noticed many people on the site stating that the APR tune doesn't like aftermarket intakes, and prefers the original MAF ducting. So i decided to...
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    thinking of going BT with 60,000miles, opinions?

    Well title says it all. Have clocked 100,000km/60,000miles with stage 2+ am thinking of upgrading to BT setup. Is this crazy talk with so many kms/miles?
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    Clutch making a clunking noise

    Was driving my car tonight and noticed at the maccas drive through a weird clunk when i pressed in the clutch. I repeated pumping the clutch and it would do a loud clunk down and a lighter clunk on the way up. I switched off the engine and repeated the clutch pedal pump and the noise wasnt as...
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    Rear Light Upgrade, opinions please

    Gday all Am looking at replacing the standard rear tail lights on the GTI, which sadly are exactly the same as every standard golf out there. Am thinking the R32 tail lights, look more classy and are what the GTI should have come out with. Or a set from JOM that sort of look like the tail...
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    SUPAPRO Supaloy control arms

    SUPERPRO Supaloy control arms Has anyone installed these on their GTI? If so how do you find them, a worth while mod or would the anti lift kit suffice...
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    G247 fuel pressure sensor intermittent

    Over the last month my engine would stall for a brief second either during idle or low rpm cruise and then come back to normal. Ran VCDS scan and got this: Address 01: Engine Labels: 06F-907-115-AXX.lbl Part No SW: 1K0 907 115 Q HW: 8P0 907 115 B Component: 2.0l R4/4V TFSI...
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    Anyone tried these products

    I came across this site that has a variety of chasis tuning parts. Wondering if anyone has tried them and if so how do you find them
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    VAGCOM data Logging

    Redid the test before i went out i cleaned the maf, the max boost i got was 2460 which came to 21 psi , (2460-1010)*0.0145, So that seemed to fix that low readings i was getting :happyanim:, but it still feels strange ran went as follows 3rd gear pull start at 2000rpm out to 7000rpm what do you...
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    VAGCOM data Logging

    Hi all I have a stage 2 APR tune, a BSH cai, and a APR tbe, recently it doesnt feel like its got the oopmh that it used to have. So i ran a vcds data log of the actual boost pressure that the car was pulling i got 2200 subtract the standard pressure of the day which was 1000 it came up with 1200...
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    BSH intake Whistle/buzzing noise

    Well as some people with the BSH CAI are aware, there is bloody annoying whise/buzz at WOT with this intake, and after lots of attempts of rectifying this I have not only discovered the cause of it but eliminated it. It is due to that stupid DV relocation point on the bend of the BSH pipe just...
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    V-Checker Scanner - Pro

    Hey all On the ECS website they have a hand held VAGCOM scanner. Is there anyone out there that has this? If so how do you find it? and do you recommend it? I am considering getting this or the Rosstech vagcom.
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    Clunk noise from front suspension

    Over the last 4 weeks the noise coming from my front right hand suspension has been gettin worse. At first only noticed it driving onto a driveway, then a week later at below 50km on undulating roads now at 100km/hr it sounds like a hammer slamming away. I have jacked the car up the bushes look...
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    DV relocation kit on right hand drive cars

    Am lookin to install a DV relocation kit with my BSH intake as i am in the process of putting together a k04 kit. However just realised that the bung on the intake sits leterally 5 mm from the break master cylinder. Has anyone with a right hand drive car solved this issue?
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    DV relocation on RH drive cars

    Am lookin to install a DV relocation kit with my BSH intake as i am in the process of putting together a k04 kit. However just realised that the bung on the intake sits leterally 5 mm from the break master cylinder. Has anyone in oz solved this issue?
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    H&R sport springs and Bilstein Sport suspension

    Hey all Am seriously considering the H&R sport springs and Bilstein Sport suspension combo. Has anyone had these on for a long time? Have you had many issues? Are these better than the Koni FSD and Eibach kit? let me know what you think