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  1. Metalmilitia306

    Rooftops and Harsh California Winters

    Did a little shoot yesterday with Bizzy and here are a few of the shots that i took. Bizzy's fully shaved MKV GTI There's a few more that I'm still editing of a Mk3, Mk2, an A3 but enjoy!
  2. Metalmilitia306

    A Simple Design

    not sure what section to put this in but i did some designing a few weeks ago and came up with a few T-shirt Designs, i was thinking about having these made, but how much interest would there be in a shirt like this?
  3. Metalmilitia306

    Little Photoshoot with Axis.

    The other day i stopped by the Axis Wheels Warehouse and helped them with a little bit of test fitting for their new 17 Inch OG San wheels, the sizes are 17x8 +35 in the front and 17x9 +32 in the back. Axis actually makes pretty good quality stuff I think the wheels actually fit really great...
  4. Metalmilitia306

    Simply Low x Workingclass 2nd Annual End of the Year BBQ and GTG

    Wrapping up the year with our 2nd annual BBQ and Euro GTG, last year we had about 60 cars come out and enjoy the food, cars, and games. Since there arent many Westcoast Euro shows this year, lets try to make it even bigger this year. Bring your friends, family, and lots of food! (There isn't...
  5. Metalmilitia306

    Project Futura

    During the summer of 2012 I found a set of Porsche OZ Futuras on Craigslist, they were pretty beat but the price was good so i decided to pick them up. The specs are 17x8.5 +56 and 17x9.5 +55 this was my old setup BBS CO 18x8 +44 The OZ's sat for awhile before i finally decided to split...
  6. Metalmilitia306

    Strange Humming Noise...

    I'm not sure if this is the right section for this question, but recently my car has been making a humming noise that gets louder as I drive faster. around 75-80MPH is when it's the loudest, i can hear it over my radio. and i can feel the vibration on my E-Brake handle. At first I thought it was...
  7. Metalmilitia306

    Late Night Photoshoot

    went out with a few B5 friends last night for photos, here's the outcome. enjoy!
  8. Metalmilitia306

    FS: Aftermarket Hood $90 OBO

    i have a aftermarket MKV hood laying around, i need to clear some space in the garage, so PM me if you are interested. I would prefer to sell this locally. the hood has been wet sanded but never painted.
  9. Metalmilitia306

    Silver or black??

    I decided to re paint my rear emblem but as i was polishing it, i couldnt decide to repaint it black or leave it polished. What do you guys think? Black Polished any feedback would be great, thanks!:biggrin:
  10. Metalmilitia306

    A Desert hot

    I had alot of fun at Wuste 2012 this weekend, this was my first year,and it surely wont be my last. here's a picture of my CW GTI parked with my friend's JSW in the loner's corner of the lot lol
  11. Metalmilitia306

    SGV GTG Pasadena Alhambra El Monte Montebello Monterey PK Temple City Commerce @ the Hat in temple city 5505 Rosemead Blvd Temple City, CA 91780 Come out and enjoy a pastrami and meet other VW drivers. the meet has all types of VW's from...
  12. Metalmilitia306

    June 24, 2012 Canyon Run/Meet up/Cruise/Photoshoot hosted by OEMplus! Lets make this event big guys! Date: June 24, 2012 Time: 8:00a-4:00p Location: OEMplus Auto Parts Plus, Inc. 23011 Moulton Pkwy, Suite J4 Laguna Hills, CA 92653 - 1233 It would be awesome to see some more MKV's lets...
  13. Metalmilitia306

    Canyon Run/Meet up/Cruise/Photoshoot Part 2 Sunday March 4th

    much like the one we did in february we are expecting around 20-25 cars!
  14. Metalmilitia306

    A detailed MKV

    Spent all day detailing the MKV heres how it came out! :biggrin:
  15. Metalmilitia306

    Canyon Run/Meet up/Cruise/Photoshoot, Feb 12th 2012
  16. Metalmilitia306

    626 euro meet at The Hat in Temple City

    Heres the thread from Vortex come by and check it out guys, i don't know how many people will be there.
  17. Metalmilitia306

    Been on this forum for a while, maybe its time i start posting pictures.

    here's my candy white 09 4 door GTI! Im on BBS CO's and H&R Sport Springs (thanks FaLLeNAn9eL) now im just waiting for the Votex Lip :biggrin:
  18. Metalmilitia306

    End of Year - Cars & Tea Meet @ Cha for Tea Parking Lot Alhambra

    here is the event information There are usually all types of cars at this meet so i would like to see more MKV's December 4th @ 7:00 - 10:00 Cha for tea Alhambra 2 E. Main St. #2 Alhambra, CA 91801 The Official Pre-AutoCon End of Year -...
  19. Metalmilitia306

    all exterior lights on the passenger side is out

    my headlights, Flash to Pass, fog, and brake light on the passenger side of my car are out, im sure it is a fuse, but does anyone know which fuse it would be? thanks
  20. Metalmilitia306

    Forge TSI catch can issue.

    i recently emptied my catch can after having it on for about a month and it was about a third of a water bottle filled with black oil. it has been pretty hot in SoCal, and from what i know isn't the deposits from the catch can supposed to be a caramel color?