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  1. staulkor

    Been Lurkin In the Shadows

    Been a long time since I have posted, but I'm still alive and well, lol. These came out really well so I thought I should whore them out :biggrin: My setup for the flash. Super ghetto :thumbsup: I didn't even realize I got this one. Made me lol.
  2. staulkor

    Wanted: broken cam followers.

    Does anybody have a cam follower with a hole punched in it laying around? Would you mind if I took it off your hands? Even better would be if you have the piece that came off of it. I can pay for shipping if needed. My material science Prof is willing to help analyze it, but I don't have one...
  3. staulkor

    Without/With Catch Can (Atmo) Comparison Pictures + Discussion

    You know of the intake valve issue that plagues our engines. I have some pretty good comparison pictures of what an atmospheric catch can actually does. To my knowledge, there havent been pictures taken of one's car with, and then without, a catch can with a good amount of mileage in between...
  4. staulkor

    Meth heads, check your plugs!

    First off, sorry for the wall of text but I like reading stories of people's issues and the thought process they went through to solve the problem and I am sure somebody else likes that too, so here it goes... Started up the car, idled fine, backed out of my spot and left my apartment. Made a...
  5. staulkor

    Saguaro Galaxy

    Went 92 miles west of Phoenix and got some more epic galaxy pictures :thumbsup:
  6. staulkor

    Pumpkin Under The Galaxy

    Went 85 miles SW of Phoenix between Gila Bend and Ajo to take some epic star shots. The spot I went to is completely out of the light pollution zone. The sight was absolutely stunning. If you haven't seen the Milky Way with your own eyes, you need to enlighten yourself! :thumbsup...
  7. staulkor

    Watch your meth lines!

    So I noticed the other day my car was boosting 25psi like normal, but it just wasnt going anywhere. I just moved to phoenix and adjusted my revo settings to reflect the environment. It was 110+ and my MFD was reading 120 because the highway gets a bit hotter than the air since it just bakes in...
  8. staulkor

    Im still alive! Just in a new environment ;)

    I recently moved from Laurel, MD to Phoenix, AZ. Best thing ever, I love it out here. Been crazy busy getting settled across the country, but I finally had some time to clean my car and snap some shots. I got to the spot a bit later than expected so I had to use a higher ISO :mad: but I think...
  9. staulkor

    Moving to Phoenix!

    Whats up guys, I am moving to Phoenix for school and stuff. I should be in the area by the end of the week. :thumbsup:
  10. staulkor

    FS: Eurojet 3" TBE for GLI

    My sister switched back to stock exhaust and I am selling her EJ TBE for her. Price is $675 picked up. It has about 15k miles on it of just daily driving and is in very good condition. I am NOT willing to ship so don't ask. I need this gone ASAP. I will most likely not be able to meet you...
  11. staulkor

    Joint Service Open House and Air Show 2010 (pic heavy)

    Lots of fun, my camera battery died just after the last pics in this post and we ended up leaving before the Blue Angles actually flew But oh well, not like they wont be around sometime later in time
  12. staulkor

    R32 Front and Rear Brake Upgrade - Save $350 from ECS

    Apparently I have a reputation of putting together kits for cheap. So without further delay, I bring to you the Staulkor R32 Front Brake Upgrade Kit (lol). ECS charges $1300 for R32 front brakes with blue calipers and plain rotors or you can get plain (silver) calipers instead for $1015 for the...
  13. staulkor

    two jugs

    Mmmmmmmmm :bellyroll:
  14. staulkor

    Wobble Noise

    So I have had this issue for a while, but it is finally pissing me off to no end. Lets get some things straight first: 38 PSI all around New tires, no flat spots Tires mounted and balanced not even a month ago. Wheels rotated, issue remains. All wheels changed around when tires mounted, issue...
  15. staulkor

    Unlocked Nokia N95-2 8gb - $250

    Selling my Nokia N95-2 8gb. The "-2" means it is the European version. I bought this from an importer when it first came out. The phone works great and is in great condition. There is a bit of a scratch on the soft touch backing (see picture) and there are a few very minor scratches in various...
  16. staulkor

    FS: Nikon Nikkor AF 50mm f/1.8 Lens *Mint* $100

    UPDATE: SOLD This was the first lens I bought (kit lens doesn't count). It is a year and a half old but has barely been used, maybe only a couple dozen times. There are no imperfections on the glass that I can find and works perfectly. You can see a review of the lens here...
  17. staulkor

    Lonely Meet

    Cars are dirty as hell. We got 22 inches of snow Saturday and there is A LOT of salt on the cars...:(
  18. staulkor

    A few I havent posted

    I am bored, like really bored, but I dont want to go to sleep! haha Opened up lightroom and started screwing around with a few Ive never posted before.
  19. staulkor

    I'll just leave this here - CarPC content :)

    Sorry, I am excited *dances* :headbang: 6myUHJO7EOk
  20. staulkor

    I can has smart pumpkin - My Car PC build

    I have wanted a car pc for soooooo long it isn't funny. I was thinking about one in high school well before I even had a car! I finally have run out of performance mods, I have done subs, so next up is car pc. The jist of what I am doing is head unit comes out, 7" touch screen goes in. I am...