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  1. Strieg

    WTB: golf r/ s3 injectors

    Hit me up if you have any you want to get rid of Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Strieg

    K04 vs new 5.0 mustang k04 and stuff.
  3. Strieg

    Garage clean out

    Cleaning out the garage. If prices are too far off, just lmk, and they are obo. Shipping not included. Pics upon request, and you'll have to give a bit to upload them, I'm not home and won't be for another week or so, but wife is. K03- sold All k03 charge piping 200$- for everything, if you...
  4. Strieg

    K04 vs Stage 3 SRT4

    Mods: GTI: DM k04+ 93 oct, golf r k04 that has been ported/polished; mainfold/hot side ceramic coated, EVOMS intake, GFB DV+, forge twintercooler, APR RSC TBE w/ hi flo cat (200 cell), snow stage 2 with dual injection (one in CTS throttle pipe, one in CTS spacer, both 225 ml/h), Koni coilovers...
  5. Strieg


    I have a question for anyone using a MAF-based WM kit. which wire did you guys tap into? I can't seem to find it. I read (somewhere, don't remember where) the yellow wire is the correct one. Which is the one I tapped. But since installing, I've gotten a MIL for MAF signal implausible. A few...
  6. Strieg

    Forge Stainless steel WGA

    I bought this for my k04 without consulting my tuner (dumb move) only to find out they would rather I didn't use it. Have had it for 4ish months, Brand New In Box. Will post pics if anyone is interested 200$ + shipping. Retailed at 230$+ shipping. Has yellow spring, rated at stock boost...
  7. Strieg


    I hit up my local shop today, to order a couple wm pieces. We got to talking, and before I. Know it, shop owner asks if I want to trade straight across for the shop car. B5 S4. RS4 converted. Thoughts? k04 and stuff.
  8. Strieg

    SRT4 stage 3

    Posting for my buddy. A little history. My friend bought the car in 2012, completely unmolested, at 38k miles from an older gentleman. My friend (tony) then deployed to Afghanistan, where saved all his monies and upon return, went stage 3 with his car. 2005 dodge srt4 68k miles, less than...
  9. Strieg

    Mkv vs porsche

    So, before I get all down and dirty in this, it wasn't really a race. Specs: Me, k04 and stuff. Him: porsche 911 turbo s I was sitting at a stop light, and saw him pull up. But there's a few porsches in town, so I didn't think anything of it, until I heard accelerating, moderately...
  10. Strieg

    Lamin-X install/review

    Hey all, installed some lamin-x on my gti this morning, got the fogs done and one headlight, so I'll post up the headlights after I do the other one after work. But here's the fogs for now. packaging and materials instructions distilled water went with yellow for the fogs remove the fog...
  11. Strieg

    WTB rear bumper already painted UG

    Like I posted.. Anyone have bits already painted in UG? Shoot me a PM with anything you got and dont want! I'll trade for stock if necessary or stock+cash. Whatever's
  12. Strieg

    FS Forge Twintake FSI

  13. Strieg

    PCV, EVAP questions.

    I'm getting ready to put on my k04 and other parts, and I really want to solve the PCV issues. I'll be installing a new VC as well. But my main issues are: - the SAI, I have a brand new turbo and don't want all that crap going into it - the recirc nature of the PCV, again, I don't want all that...
  14. Strieg

    DM stg2+ vs revo stg 2+

    Both MKV, similar hardware, though can't say for sure. Both DSG, though iirc he has a tune. His car is also the local shops rep car. Anyways, it was a draw. I was a little surprised, was thinking they might have done some specialty stuff. But, he was also surprised. He thought he was gonna...
  15. Strieg

    Coilover front install

    I swapped in my Koni coilovers the other day, and saw some questions on install. It was really fairly simple, and didn't require any spring compressors or anything. And it took literally 30 mins per side, fronts. I'll have to add some photos later. The tools: -sizes might be off one or...
  16. Strieg

    Mkv gti stg2+ vs b5(or 6) s4 stg1

    Long story short, pulled on him. If I got the jump, I'd stay ahead, if he did, I'd slowly pull. Fun. And it's always nice to surprise someone when the exhaust is fully opened up lol
  17. Strieg

    Need some help. Misfires.

    2008 FSI 79XXX Miles EVOMS intake APR TBE Forge FMIC BSH block-off APR hpfp DM stage 2+ Red top coils Pfr7b's gapped at .028 Can't figure it out. Keeping getting misfires, with MAF plugged in and unplugged. Misfires are worse with MAF plugged in. Checked plugs, coils, updated tune, changed...
  18. Strieg

    Blow by

    2.0t FSI DM stg2+, APR hpfp, APR RSC TBE, forge twintake, twintercooler, BSH block-off plate, BSH boost tap, 42DD rear o2 spacer Ok so been trying to diagnose the car, have had the MAF unplugged due to misfires, but misfires have come back everyone now and then. So checked for codes again, had...
  19. Strieg

    GTI vs Integra and 328i

    Well instead of making 2 threads I'll just combine them... Only have vid of one though Me- DM stg 2+, twintake, twintercooler, APR hpfp, RSC TBE. Integra- full bolt on's, no tune Ate him alive... Sorry for vid length, don't know how to edit it. 328i- 2013...
  20. Strieg

    K04 comp nuts

    Anyone know off hand what the nuts on the compressor housing are supposed to be torqued to? Searching is proving monotonous.