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  1. lextildeath

    WANTED: VW Tech to do Side Job

    I'm looking for some one to help me with my car. I swapped the motor (old one blown somehow) and now the car won't start. I need some one to diagnose and fix it. Please PM me or comment on here if you can help, or if you know some one who could help. Thanks, -Ant
  2. lextildeath

    Photoshop Help Wanted

    I've noticed a serious disservice that often occurs when a bra-less woman is photographed - someone photoshops out the nipples. This is the visual equivalent of overusing Autotune in music. I would like someone with the proper skills to photoshop the nipples back INTO these otherwise...
  3. lextildeath

    WTB: I NEED a right rear caliper

    Mine is seized. I need it within a few days. Thanks, -Ant
  4. lextildeath

    *BRAND NEW* Devil's Own Stage 2 D04 & D05 Nozzles!

    Another thing I gave up on… =( I'm too lazy for stuff lately. Comes with D04 and D05 nozzles, so you can use it on a K03 AND on a K04. BRAND NEW! I opened it in excitement when I received it, and then never looked at it again. From an online vendor, it would sell for $375.00 + shipping...
  5. lextildeath

    *MINT* GTI Headlights + HID 10-12 Pin Adapters

    I ended up giving up on doing an HID conversion for my Wolfsburg…too lazy. Adapters: SOLD! Headlights SOLD! . . . .
  6. lextildeath

    Mob Wives

    Mob Wives: Was reluctant to see it at first, but I like the show now. First episode wasn't so great, but it's getting good - fucking crazy. Any one else into it?
  7. lextildeath

    My Alignment Specs

    Open for interpretation by the experts… I just put on new P Zero Nero All Season's and had a 4-wheel alignment done. This is the first wheel alinement ever on my car. Current mileage is a bit over 59,000. I put my Bilstein Sports and Vogtland 1.6" springs on with ~700 miles on the odometer...
  8. lextildeath

    Lextildeath's Jett'r

    Hey all, I've never posted pics here yet. I am recently getting into photography in general. When my car is nice and clean, I will have more pics. Just wanted to make a thread for myself... Here is one pic I shot a while ago. I did minor editing using "Gimp", which is freeware I...
  9. lextildeath

    Lextildeath Blog Just thought I'd throw this out to you guys. If you like creative angles to stories/problems, check me out. I started this blog this semester for a news writing class, but I am getting into it now. I have to post every week either soft or hard news. Also, I set up ads...
  10. lextildeath

    GM Experts Urgently Needed

    nvm .
  11. lextildeath

    BSH boost tap...Plus bonus

  12. lextildeath

    New TSI Oil Pan/ Oil Capacity

    To know why you're reading, here is what I want to get out of this thread: Answer this - How many quarts do you people with early and late TSI's put in during an oil change and what level is it at? Does the crankcase ventilation system suck in excess oil entered into the motor? Carrying on...
  13. lextildeath

    Worst Wedding DJ

    Yeah, yeah. I still don't know how to embed. Enjoy:
  14. lextildeath

    Silly Commercial I Made

    For school, I had to make a gender biased commercial for a toy. I came up with a baseball bat that you can chop in half that has a special lever for you to do so. The "actor" is my girl friend's 14 year old brother. It took 30 minutes to film and 4 hours to edit/make the sounds, voices, music...
  15. lextildeath

    Singing Like Whitney

    Taiwanese guy singing Whitney Houston song. Entertaining, but not for the reason your instincts tell you:
  16. lextildeath

    Any One Wanna Make Music Together?

    I am a procrastinator. I used to sing for years, with a good low, mid, and high range. I am in the process of getting my voice back, especially after being sick for 2 few months. I can sing rock, jazz, pop, whatever. I wanna get back into it if any one has a band or some kinda venue. I also...
  17. lextildeath


    B8 A4 engine cover. No one to date has put this on a transverse MKV yet! Perfect condition. $119 SHIPPED MKV 2.5 engine cover. Perfect if you want to paint it and return to stock at a later date. Dirty in pic, but is in perfect condition. $29 SHIPPED Jetta chrome grill lower part. Good used...
  18. lextildeath

    My Late Valentine's Day

    Hey, just wanted to share my late Valentine's Day date with you guys. OK, so Valentine's day my girl and I did not go any where. I saw her yesterday and took her to that dumb movie she wanted to see so bad, "Valentine's Day". I do shit like that because I am so romantic. But I felt the need to...
  19. lextildeath

    Lextildeath's catch can

    All the black you see is plastidipped. Vapor separator baffle - made by drilling 3/16" holes. Fabbed up bracket mounts to coolant bracket thingy - made of sheet metal folded for strength, and bent to shape and 2 holes to secure it. Also had a hooked lip to keep from coming off even if clamps...