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  1. SPENCE1

    Tires Disintegrating

    I was wondering if anyone would know why both of my front tires have strips of rubber missing the whole way around. This is only the third summer for these tires. I am lowered on coilovers, but not slammed by any means, no camber either. All four tires looked the same in April when I put them...
  2. SPENCE1

    Another Rust Warranty Question

    Has anyone on here tried to fight with Volkswagen Canada about paint blending when having rust spots repaired under warranty? I can see them not covering the front fenders as they are complete body panels, I don’t agree but that's how it is. I am having a harder time accepting that they don’t...
  3. SPENCE1

    How to clean/protect vinyl wrap

    What is the best way to clean/protect vinyl wrap on the roof. I have matte black so I don’t really want anything to glossy. I did try searching but nothing really came up Thanks
  4. SPENCE1

    Rear Hatch Power

    I was on a road trip last week and the hatch slowly stopped working. First the rear wiper wouldn’t work, then the hatch itself would not open, and now the reverse lights will not light up. The brake lights still work, just the entire hatch seems to have no power. Wondering if anyone else...
  5. SPENCE1

    Intake Gargling Sound

    Tried searching couldn't find an answer for my exact problem. Started my car tonight and I have a gargling sound coming from my Pflo. I have had it on for almost 2 years and never heard it make this sound before. Any idea of what it could be? I already checked if anything is vibrating...
  6. SPENCE1

    Brake pads and rotors

    How likely is it that when I change my brake pads I will also have to change my brake rotors? The dealership told me I only needed brake pads but when I called around to my local Volkswagen shops they told me I would almost 100% have to change the rotors too. My car is at 65k KM (40k miles)...
  7. SPENCE1

    Vinyl in winter

    I am thinking about vinyl on the roof but am concerned it will not hold up in our climates as good as I would like. Do any of you have vinyl and how has it lasted through our winters? Should I wait until spring and just get it painted? Thanks,
  8. SPENCE1

    Part Question

    Hey Everyone, I have been on here reading for a long time but only decided to join recently. It is a proud day for me, I finally have my first question. My question is for all of you that have changed to the Jetta grill. There is a small u shaped chrome piece that sits in front of the lower...