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  1. Boricua

    Have you test driven a car with no intention of buying it?

    I wanted to test drive a GLI so I went to Carmax and did it. In and out in less than 1/2 hour.
  2. Boricua

    Dust proof and best protective case for an iPhone 5

    Wow! That is an awesome case. Thanks!
  3. Boricua

    Dust proof and best protective case for an iPhone 5

    I work around a rather dusty environment and in the past I have own an otterbox defender. Very good protective case but you get dust between the screen protector and the screen itself and it drive me crazy to look at it every time I look at the screen. I have heard the Griffin Survivor is dust...
  4. Boricua

    Dust proof and best protective case for an iPhone 5

    I am looking for a good, protective case for the iPhone 5 that it's dust proof as well. After much research I am not convinced with any of the ones out there. Could other members share what they have and how satisfied they are with it? Thanks.
  5. Boricua

    Who is switching to T-Mobile?

    I live in the Atlanta, GA area and never had a problem with T- Mobile. :thumbup:
  6. Boricua

    Passport 9500ix + extras

    I have a package deal. I have a 4 month old 9500ix for sale including everything as if it was new. Also included would be a blendmount, a hardwired kit, and a Add a circuit. I would like $460.00 gifted for everything shipped to the lower 48 states. Additional photos available if interested...
  7. Boricua

    Blendmount and Escort 9500ix

    I think it's all the way in but I'll check and see. Thanks
  8. Boricua

    Blendmount and Escort 9500ix

    I prefer the auto bright feature but because it's not working properly during the day stays dim therefore I have to manually keep it at medium bright in order to see the display. Sorry for any confusion.
  9. Boricua

    Blendmount and Escort 9500ix

    That's what I'm doing.
  10. Boricua

    Blendmount and Escort 9500ix

    I just purchased a Blendmount to go along my Escort 9500ix radar detector. While used with the suction cups the auto brightness feature worked great but since I put it on the blendmount that feature doesn't work properly. I believe it's because the location where it seats at. Did anybody...
  11. Boricua

    Learning Spanish

    Univision... even if you don't learn it you get to see some good looking women !!!
  12. Boricua

    Oakley Radar Path Livestrong Edition

    I owned this sunglasses for about 6 months and used them. Brand new condition. Comes with original box, soft cloth, hard case, original paperwork, and sunglasses. Price is $150.00 shipped to the lower 48 states. Pm if interested.
  13. Boricua

    Stupid **** at Starbucks

  14. Boricua

    Stupid **** at Starbucks

    Agreed. People like her shouldn't be allowed to drive. Good luck!!
  15. Boricua

    Replica Oakleys?

    Just in case you are interested ...
  16. Boricua

    Do You Wear Your Seatbelt?

    All the time!!! It's habit by now.
  17. Boricua

    Girl Fight (kinda)

    Funny. We need Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton involved...
  18. Boricua

    Amazing little video

    1,150,000.00. I better start playing the lottery
  19. Boricua

    How old is everyone

    45 80 scirocco 87 gli 92 Golf 01 Jetta 07 Rabbit 11 GTI
  20. Boricua

    Forum Down