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  1. siKdub

    FS 18x8 et 50 Karthoums CA

    18x8 et 50 no tires, located in 91316. Email me I don't come here as much as I used to :). $645 obo Wheel #1 no damage Wheel #2 no damage Wheel #3 small defect see picture Wheel #4 curb rash see picture Wheel #3 Wheel #3 Wheel #4 Wheel #4 Sent from my toilet...
  2. siKdub

    WTB: Denvers 17"//SoCaL//

    Looking for 17" Denvers for cheap. Local only, don't really wanna pay for shipping. Located in Van Nuys, 91406 Thanks Email: Please email me, dont leave PM's, as i dont check it 24/7
  3. siKdub

    Feeler:Part out 07 FSI//SoCaL

    Up listing some things that i will have available for sale. Parts still on the car. Will go off as i have some free time. Looking for local mostly. Shipping is NOT included. Will ship if necessary. Best way to reach email, please dont message me here, as i dont check it every minute. Email...
  4. siKdub

    So, my amp died. I need a new one, please step in audio gurus

    Hello. Well my amp just passed away, and i need advice in getting a better, maybe more powerful one. I have a JL 12W6. Old amp was Alpine had about 750Rms. (ill get the model when i get in the car later). JL 12W6v2 @ 4 ohm. 600 Rms capable.
  5. siKdub

    bout time

    quick iphone pics more to come this weekend. have to readjust tips a little to the left..
  6. siKdub

    Sunday//December 6th Cruise?

    Anyone up for a cruise Sunday 6th? My car should be out of the shop on Monday...hopefully.
  7. siKdub

    kiss my ass

    Cali drivers. trunk bent in as well, bumper done. More updates as the days go. R32 rear coming.
  8. siKdub

    FS: Need For Speed Shift *XBOX360*

    Like new played twice. No xbox for now, so its just sits there. $45 shipped.
  9. siKdub

    Anyone getting this w/ Facebook?

    Mozilla, Safari and Netscape. tried them all. this is what i get... ��������\[o��u~ׯ�p7��U7�j�n-�I#�h�ٙ����%-�&��)�I���z.� O �� O��1� �?�?�����06��N�d�$�h�KY�:�:u�S����ɋ����Wzq�U^���)jM׿X���'�O� >;~~�,ju�u:V���s����8��~}}�]/i~�Տ_�7h�F�������V��69����E�)�...
  10. siKdub

    FT: Huffs 18" w/ tires///SoCaL

    FT: 18" Huffs w/ (3) Pirelli PZero Nero and (1) new Khumo Ecsta ASX. *3 wheels are mint. *1 has a small rash. Located in Van Nuys. No Denvers *Pictures up!* Please PM all offers!
  11. siKdub

    YouTube not working?

    Is it just me? or Youtube is not working. It hasn't been working in like a day or so..
  12. siKdub

    wash me

    Up around Stunt Rd. point and shoot. pos
  13. siKdub

    Scirocco R ?

    Not sure if its a repost. UiiOZS64pxU
  14. siKdub

    San Fernando Valley// Looking for a place to polish rims

    Looking for a place to polish rims in the San Fernando area. If anyone has any tips, i would appreciate it. Thanks.
  15. siKdub

    Stock GTI Cat Back cheap?? SOCAL 91406

    Looking to buy a cheap GTI stock cat back. I have an 07 FSI. Located in 91406. PM me.
  16. siKdub

    WTB: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare||XBOX 360||

    Looking for COD 4 MW xbox 360. Used or new, PM me please. PayPal.
  17. siKdub

    FS/FT: AWE Cat Back |SoCaL||GTI FSI|

    Feeler, testing waters. AWE 2.5 Cat Back GTI, still on the car, no pics, you all know how it looks like. Sale:$300 + Stock GTI CB. // OBO Trade: Looking for some wheels. Located in Van Nuys. Local preferred. Shipping might be possible if interest. PM for details or questions. PayPal or...
  18. siKdub

    FT: 18" SportMax w/ tires for what you got? SoCal

    SportMax 922 18x7.5 ET42 Got these as a trade, looking to get something else. SportMax 922 Silver w/ polished lip. Tires are 225/40/18 and are pretty new. 18's or maybe 19's, also can trade for Classix or Omantys. Depending on wheel i can add cash or if needed, take cash :laugh: Located...