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  1. Angx

    F.s.Marangoni 4-ICE Snows

    I have 4 Marangoni 4-ICE Snows 205/55 r16,5 bolt pattern, that were mounted on my 08 gti for sale. I sold my car so I don't have any use for them and they are taking up room. They are already mounted on steelies and have had them for 2 winter seasons. They still have a lot of tread left on them...
  2. Angx

    F.S 08 vw golf GTI

    Fully loaded FSI engine, leather, NAVIGATION, power windows, locks, mirrors, Hella Led tail lights, votex front and rear bumper, black vynil roof, OEM projector fogs with yellow hid kit, Summer and winter tires, sunroof, evoms air intake, oil catch can, dual climate controlls, all service done...
  3. Angx

    Auto Body shop in the GTA??

    So yesterday as I was driving home from buffalo a HAWK hit my car. I tried calling Pae at 360 auto but no one is picking up the phone. Would anyone be able to recommend a great body shop?
  4. Angx

    F.s OEM GTI Tail lights

    I have had these sitting in a box for about 2 years now and I forgot I had them. They are in mint condition and I need to get rid of them. Selling them for 60$, Located in the GTA.
  5. Angx

    F.S. 2008 GTI

    Gti, FSI engine, 6 speed manual, it is fully loaded, candy white, 2 door, sunroof and leather,with 100 000km all highway on it. I am the first owner of the car and i have never abused it. A list is provided for all the parts that I will be selling with the car. I had oil changes done every...
  6. Angx

    summer tires

    Ok so i am looking to replace my tires and I am not sure what is good in terms of performance and what not. I am not looking to race my car or anything but would like to have somewhat of a decant tire. Any help would be much appreciated. I currently have the pirelli p zeros (they came with...
  7. Angx

    F.S 2008 GTI

    I am looking to sell my Gti, FSI engine, 6 speed manual, it is fully loaded, candy white, 2 door, sunroof and leather,with 95 000km all highway on it. I am the first owner of the car and i have never abused it. A list is provided for all the parts that I will be selling with the car. I had oil...
  8. Angx

    F.S 08 gti Rear valence

    Had it painted the way the picture looks last year. Reason for selling is because i bought a votex rear. selling for 200 O.B.O Pm is the key
  9. Angx

    Body kit advice please, opinions needed

    Ok so for quite some time now I have been contemplating on which kit to go with. I currently have the front votex lip and rear votex bumper, with factory gti side skirts. So i was thinking of purchasing an abt or an osir front lip but don't know which sides to go with. help please!!!
  10. Angx

    If you are looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer

    Contact this law firm JEWELL RADIMISIS LL.P., Personal Injury Lawyers Below I have included a facebook link to their group.!/group.php?gid=357906788133
  11. Angx

    Engine Sounds like its going to turn off

    So I got into my car after the movies and my car started idling alkwardly. So I thought Its just a cold start and I let it warm up for abit. I check it after 5 min and same thing but this time the rpm's jump up to 2000 then back down to 800 and same story. It sounds like it is struggling to...
  12. Angx

    Anyone having problems with their HID fogs??

    Afew months back I decided to install a set of HID ignited's to my projector fogs. Now it was fine for afew weeks then all of the sudden the bulb would go out on the driver side. So I took it back to where I purchased them and changed the modulator. Another few weeks would pass and then the...
  13. Angx

    Modern Warefare 2 on the PS3

    Ok boys and girls, On Monday night well tuesday morning at 12am modern warefare 2 will be released. I am thinking of geting a mkv clan tag going on so whoever is on the psn add me AngGti.
  14. Angx


    Its almost that time of year again. Had a pretty good run last year and hoping to get more runs in this year. The farmers almanac is calling for even more snow than last year but also more cold. Also don't forget that This years Ski, Snowboard and Travel show will be on October 15th till the...
  15. Angx

    Michael Jackson Appreciation Thread

    RIP Michael. I hope that you find the peace that you deserve. You will be missed. LATEST: Pop giant Michael Jackson, who took to the stage as a child star and set the world dancing to...
  16. Angx

    MFD2 Nav and ipod adapter

    The other day I purchased and installed an mfd2 nav unit in my mkv golf. Does anyone know where there is a diy on the forums for the ipod adapter? I tried to search but could not find anything. And for those who have it does your track name on your ipod show up on your nav screen????
  17. Angx

    Question about nav mfd2

    So i was looking into an mfd2 for my car and I was curious about one thing. If you have the Nav on would I be able to use my mp3 player via the ipod adapter at the same time? Thanks for your help Ang
  18. Angx

    How do you like my new mod??

    So I was stopped last night at the Yonge street northbound lights before going onto the eastbound hwy ramp and all of the sudden i feel a bang. My poor sister sitting in the back says to me that I just got hit by the moron behind me. So I get out of my car and what do I see. So After...
  19. Angx


    Ok so I went out and bought a damn ps3. I was in the market for a blue ray so i said fuuck it ill just pick up one of these bad boys up. Anyone else on the Canadian forums have COD 4??
  20. Angx

    Engine cover

    Wasn't sure where to post this, but I was wondering in terms of engine cover options what is there besides the evoms and neuspeed carbon fiber one. I basically need an engine cover since I have the evoms intake installed and wanted to see what other options i had. Thanks