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  1. bennylenny88

    Skyline rear lights

    Hi all I have the standard rear lights and want to do the skyline mod. I have looked at various diys but not one has the answer to wiring the new lights to the outside lights instead of the 12v socket.. Any answers?
  2. bennylenny88


    hey guys.. returning member here :thumbup: just got myself a GTTDI 140 and I wanted to know what mods people do for power? its already had a map so takes it to 180 bhp.. TIA :)
  3. bennylenny88

    My friends .:R

    it is stock but hes going to sell it for a mk2 soon so i thought id do a quick photoshoot
  4. bennylenny88

    merry christmas everyone!

    merry christmas everyone :) facial!
  5. bennylenny88

    just thought id update you guys

    hey guys just thought id update everything :) how she looked when picked her up.. and how she looks now.. these subs are for sale btw.. pm for details Specs Engine -2.0 APK 8V -110 bhp. -pipercross cold air intake - painted inlet manifold - Powerflex dogbone engine...
  6. bennylenny88


    more update.. took the tint spray off the back so the rear ends got more red hints :) and got my mate to vinyl a stripe on my car at usc! :D opinions?
  7. bennylenny88

    wow.. new zeland airlines has nothing to hide ;)
  8. bennylenny88

    bonnet bra help!

    were after a person who can order a few bonnet bras from the us and ship them to the UK.. please PM or contact me please
  9. bennylenny88

    random logo i made..

    got bored on photoshop so i thought id make this..
  10. bennylenny88

    brilliant diecast model of a golf.. lmao! i quote "Beautifully crafted 2006 Volkswagen Golf V diecast model car 1:18 scale die cast by Welly. " beautifully bent grille more like :|
  11. bennylenny88

    what a w*nker!

    went to southport cruise today.. proper bad day.. my drivers side window fell because the clips broke.. we tried fixing it on the beach but because the clips were broke there wasnt much we could do so we put it back together the best we could. parked up on mcdonolds waiting for my mates to come...
  12. bennylenny88

    Bora 2.0 build thread

    well picked her up about a hour after i dropped mine off :( the last picture of my car :sad: then went to blackburn to pick the car up :party: only things wrong with it is, dent in the drivers door with a scratch, same scratch on the wing too, fuel door wont close, the washer jet has broke...
  13. bennylenny88

    my new car.. (teaser)

    ok so ive not sold my car yet.. (this wednesday HOPEFULLY!!) so i made a photoshop and a rough list of things to do.. meeting the guy whos buying my car at 9 at the airport. then going straight to blackburn to get the car, then going wheelbase :P and THEN awesome to order these stuff.. THEN...
  14. bennylenny88

    mine and carls

    jsut took some pics with a member in another forum
  15. bennylenny88

    yayy its getting closer...

    just had the bumper wrapped and quickly painted the lower grille :) its getting along nicely :D
  16. bennylenny88

    scooby engine in a golf?

    how much do you think id cost? because this happened a woman policeman drove it into the back of my mates scooby, the scooby moved 2 car spaces forward and hit my other mates car.. this was at 6 am today.. the road that the accident was on is a blatant straight road.. she mustve...
  17. bennylenny88

    halo 3 help!

    i just got the game (again) and i downloaded the new map pack and the cold storage map but it wont let gto on to bigteam battle because it says i dont have the requied maps.. what else do i need
  18. bennylenny88

    new plate :D

  19. bennylenny88

    volkswagen viseo Marc Kirsch’s diploma project was created in collaboration with Volkswagen design in Wolfsburg Germany. A three-seat prototype car powered by an electric engine. The project was created considering the visual and conceptional influence...