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  1. gti_mk5

    question about the law

    im having trouble finding a law against having a low suspension.. i got a ticket yesterday for being to low and honestly im not that low.. was i being bullied by the cop?
  2. gti_mk5

    FS: Newsouth Boost, Oil temp and Pressure gauges; 2 Offset Dashpods

    Hey guys I have for sale the gauges and comes with the offset dashpod as well as I have a separate never been used dashpod. Reason for sell is I never got around to installing it was hospitalized a little while ago and got very sick and just never got to it. I bought the setup from a user here...
  3. gti_mk5

    Help with coils :/

    Ok ive had my coils installed already for about 3 months and dont really have problems with them driving low, Im using FK sportlines and was taking apart my wheel to cut my fender liner today since its always scraping now from getting busted over time on bumps -_- well as I remove the wheel i...
  4. gti_mk5

    gears of war 3

    awesome.. discuss
  5. gti_mk5

    coolingmist water/meth kit ?

    I got a friend who's totaled his car andhas this lying around and is willing to pass it on to me for a really good price i was just wondering since it was fitted into his 135 would it still fit the gti? He claims it will but im not to sure how those things work so im not sure if its universal...
  6. gti_mk5

    WTB newsouth triple offset dashpod

    pretty much this one going to give it a couple days before i just pull the trigger on the actual site. Maybe theres someone that has been trying to get rid of it :thumbsup:
  7. gti_mk5

    vagcom in miami

    Looking for dubbers out here in miami specially those that got vagcom cables that like sharing it maybe days we ride out to meets and hang out? Im just looking to find more dubbers and seeing who else views this forum section :bowvw:
  8. gti_mk5

    question about my hid blown out bulb

    today i blew my headlight bulb on the left side its giving now a pinkish gleam :( im already switching my highbeam bulbs for 2500k h7's you think i can swap both my highbeam bulbs into the normal lowbeams and be good or the highbeam run with higher wattage?
  9. gti_mk5

    WTB OEM Bulbs

    yaaa driving today and my left one turned pinkish :( guess there burning out so if anyone has 1 for sale or a pair im willing to buy. Pm me or message here
  10. gti_mk5

    revo vs unitronic *dont flame..

    You guys all hate these threads I know and ive searched endless amount of times but never found a comparison between the two and im only asking for one simple question. Which one is more aggressive? all my dealers around me do all chips so thats not my question I just want to pick the best one...
  11. gti_mk5

    having trouble understanding this paint

    im trying to find oem paint for my UG gti and every place only has this color code LA7T/X6 and people are telling me the color code for the UG is just LA7T and that the /X6 is a euro metallic version? am i just a noob (please dont throw the tomatoes :yikes:)
  12. gti_mk5

    WTB Forge spacer

    nvm found mine >.<
  13. gti_mk5

    UG paint

    Im trying to find united grey paint for my 07 gti ive checked duplicolor, automotivetouchup and paintscratch and i cant seem to find my paint :mad0259: i think the code for it is LA7T so if anyone knows where I can find this united grey paint please lmk!!
  14. gti_mk5

    WTB Radar detector

    Looking to buy any radar detector, escort or v1 anyone who feels they dont need it anymore and they think they drive safe enough without using it lmk what you have and for how much
  15. gti_mk5

    WTB wolfsburg new* or used

    buying wolfsburg full grill setup with fogs used i will pay no more then 220 and new give me the lowest price place i can find
  16. gti_mk5

    Ok..time for the dealership

    So my car has been needing service now for about 3k miles, ive been working a full-time so its been hard to find the chance to go. Well today as I was driving my epc light came on and my car lost a lot of power. I pulled over and turned off the car and when I turned it back on cel light came on...
  17. gti_mk5

    WTB coils

    Im looking to buy coilovers used or new now im looking for one with a nice drop around 2 inches or more and as for my price range i want you to hit me with your best prices and what coils you have. Either pm me the brand and price or reply here, if im interested i will let you know. Im trying to...
  18. gti_mk5

    WTB Votex front lip UG preferred

    Title says it all looking to purchase votex front lip rep or not. Preferrably painted UG if not then the stock texture so I can paint it
  19. gti_mk5

    WTB Wolfsburg full grill

    Anyone selling there wolfsburg grill and lower grills im willing to buy. Not looking to pay $250 plus shipping for plastics :mad0259:so if anyone has them for sale for something lower lmk. I dont care if its used and i prefer one without front plate holes. Im lenient with the price so just list...
  20. gti_mk5

    Just hit 40k miles maintenance?

    Never have done a maintenance and this would be probably my first, I bought the car at 36k miles and ive been reading about all those cam followers needing to be checked and stuff. My question is when should I go for a routine checkup like oil change and stuff so I can also get that checked out...