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  1. Starbucks

    Halifax = VW town?!

    I was at Halifax for a week... I flew there... so I didn't have my car.... but I found that the number of VW there is crazy... one VW every 3-4 car I saw around downtown, spring garden and waterfront... one weird thing tho... I don't think I saw one single GTI there... I also noticed that they...
  2. Starbucks

    Cleaning products

    Can we have a sticky that list all the products recommended for interior and exterior cleaning a long with methods?
  3. Starbucks

    In the shop for the first time...

    so... as some of you know... I got a 09 Rabbit back in Dec of 08... I love it... but last night... the MIL went on... and the car wouldn't let me go over 3000rpm... I restarted a few times... same thing happened... so I brought it into my local dealership this morning... but it let me go over...
  4. Starbucks

    vag-com in Ottawa

    So... some work trouble got me to move back to my folks in Ottawa for now... does anyone from Ottawa has a vag-com that I can use??
  5. Starbucks

    factory washer fluid

    I really like the smell of the factory washer fluid... went to a dealer in Brampton.... and I was told that dealers doesn't carry it.... I searched the forum.. and it looks like the States' dealers have carry it.... Does anyone know if it's true that CDN dealers in fact don't carry it? and...
  6. Starbucks

    Rabbit (with Sport Package)'s ECM

    I searched for this.. but I couldn't find anything... I guess because US Rabbit doesn't have sport package... so... can I make the fog lamps (part of the sport package) to work as DRLs?? From searching this forum... I found that only highline Rabbit (US) has that ECM to activate the fog...
  7. Starbucks

    USB port on Rabbit...

    Can anyone tell me why no VW in Canada (as I was told) has USB port except the City Jetta and City Golf?!
  8. Starbucks

    Cheap accessory in NY state?

    I maybe driving via NY state (from Toronto to Ottawa) taking the long way.... probably going through Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Watertown etc... Does anyone know which dealership, or even store when I can find some cheap (at least cheaper then in Canada) OEM accessories along the route I am...
  9. Starbucks

    Rabbit OR GTI, Cdn spec

    I did a search and I couldn't find any Rabbit VS GTI for Canada Spec. Anyways, I am thinking of getting a Rabbit with ESP, Cold and Sport package, OR a base GTI, both MT.... just wondering if the GTI worth the $5000 different at the end....