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    Help Needed, Basic settings gone

    long story short, I attempted a midline to highline cluster swap. It did not work so re-installed my original cluster. Now I have a few errors, G85 Basic settings lost, G200 basic settings losts, TPMS keeps flashing on the dash, No Power steering, Power assist lost basic settings. Any idea's...
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    WTB : MFSW airbag loom part number included

    Here you go guys/Ladies, I'm after this part. 1K0 971 584 C If anyone knows of one or perhaps could help or even point some where that could help ? That would be a massive help. Thanks It would need to be shipped too,
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    APR related Question!

    Fist sorry not sure if this is the right area to post this thread. Sorry Mods. My Question I have is this. Can Our APR re-maps be transferred to other cars at a small cost? IE Have a DSG GTI but want it transferred to my Manual GTI? Same vintage too. Hopefully someone can answer this or...
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    VAG +K Can Commander 1.4 - Need Help

    Hi guys, Sorry mods if this is post is in the wrong section. Move if need be. I bought a Dongle mentioned above from As they have closed I cannot contact them at all. So now way of recovering the software. Up till now it has worked perfectly. However I rebuilt my machine a...
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    Possible Problem?

    Possible MK5 GTI Problem? Car is 100% stock bar the new DV. Seems faster with older DV. Nothing was wrong with old DV. Just did it as I would like to go Stage 1 + Downpipe and maybe front mount + intake. So I installed my Forge DV about 2 weeks ago. I have not driven the car till yesterday...
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    WTB: EVOMS MK5 FSI-T intake

    Only company I can find currently that sells the EVOMS intake and also be willing to ship to NZ is Parts4Euro's. Shipping will be to New Zealand. However there shipping price is about the same as the intake itself. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks