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    Another license plate light question...Vag Com fix?

    Bought some error code free LED bulbs....installed them and they work great....if thr car isnt running. Once the car is started, they work for about 3 to 5 minutes, then I get a bulb out light...and an MFD message about the "number plate light out". Is this an issue with the car rechecking those...
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    Protecting the key fob emblem...ideas?

    I recently replaced my beat "VW" key fob emblem with a "GTI" logo...but the difference in craftsmanship is noticeable. The new sticker is already scratched to hell after only a month or two... Any ideas on how to protect the emblem (when I put the new one on that I bought as a spare)? I was...
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    Pittsburgh Area VW Show (Westmoreland Co.)

    Just noticed this wasn't on here, at least not where I could find, however the 10th Annual Oktoberfest at the old Westmoreland VW Plant is 10-14-12. Details: Hope to see you there!
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    Fog Lights: New(?) Idea! Will it work?

    I have a euro switch installed on my GTI and I have no intention of running rear fogs...But I had this crazy idea: What if..... I modified the bottom grilles that hold the fog lights to hold a second fog light assembly, then put projectors and HID fogs in? I was thinking of doing an HID...
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    Anyone running a HF cat?

    I'm piecing things together for my 09 GTI TSI...Picked up a Forge Twintake (will be here by the end of the month) and bought a 3" downpipe kit. Next step is to get a high flow catalytic converter to weld into the new downpipe with an O2 spacer (Welcome to Pennsylvania---emissions laws SUCK.)...
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    Has anyone done a stock front plate conversion?

    I've been searching here, Vortex, and the interwebs, and I can't seem to find any writeups on doing a front license plate conversion from stock to Euro. I bought my car in Ohio (front plates required) and a US plate bracket appears to be drilled into my bumper from the dealership. -Can I...
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    My MKV Story (also posted in VWVortex)

    So here's my story: I fell in love with my first VW in 2010 when I bought my 2006 MKIV Golf GLS 5-speed. I was looking for a fuel-efficient daily driver, and my friend (a MKIV GTI owner) suggested that I try VW. I bought it the day I went to test drive it. The car only had 50k on the odometer...