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    Lost and the Damned

    Anyone else excited for this? Loved GTA IV (got 100%) and this looks like more of the same with all new characters. Bikes are supposedly much easier to control, which is a welcome change. More details:
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    Halo Wars

    Anyone play the demo yet? I played a few skirmishes tonight. It seems like the key to beating the AI is just to rush early, they have hardly any units. Overall I like it better than any RTS I've played on a console. They kept things simple and that's what allowed it to work. Here's hoping...
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    Another wreck thread :(

    Well, I know I haven't exactly been very active on t3h forums lately as I've been very busy at work, so it pains me that my first post in a while is wreck post. Short version: My car was hit in the left front QP while it was parked alongside the side of the road. Alignment is all screwed up...
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    LittleBigPlanet delayed...

    due to a background music track :frown: Those of us who weren't in the beta have to wait another week for it :frown:
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    Anyone playing the beta? Waiting on my code (hopefully) from the USA Today thing this afternoon. Fingers crossed.
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    Antenna on sat display

    Picked up my 09 GTI w/ premium audio (no nav) on Friday. When I switch the radio to satellite mode, the display shows only "ANTENNA" no radio id or phone number. I'm taking it to the dealer to have them look at it tomorrow but I was wondering if anyone has seen this problem before? Manual...