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    FS- VW GTI 2007 (shaved, lowered, 91,xxx miles) 10k obo

    For sale is a reflex silver 2007 VW GTI (base package) with 91,xxx miles. All service has been done with fidelity including timing belt complete service. The car is in great shape. All it will need in the future would be a brake service. Car was repainted recently because clear coat was...
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    FS: (5) Audi A8L Monoblocks (18x8 ET48) South Fl. $750 obo

    Cleaning out my garage and need to make some space so I'm parting with this set of wheels. Quick Info: 5x112 18x8 ET +48 **NO TIRES** The Good: Set of 5 Wheels so you can carry a full-size spare (very convenient) Hand Polished Inserts were painted flat black All are straight and balanced...
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    FS: Polished Audi A8 Monoblocks (5)

    insert random plug here ;) TO ALL SOUTH FLORIDA PEOPLE...below is a post I have whored out throughout the forums I used to frequent very often. They are advertised everywhere else for $1,200 firm but I'd be willing to help a local out and list them locally for $1,000 obo. Please PM me for more...
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    FS: Audi A8 Monoblocks (5)

    wheels for sale!! a set of 5 audi a8 monoblocks. Wheels are: Bolt pattern : 5x112 Size: 18x8 Offset: +48 Hub : 57.1 Wheels are full polished with flat black painted inserts, very minor curb rash, do not come with tires, and are missing 2 center caps (1 for spare, and 1 missing). Below is a...
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    F/S Various Items (wheels, body, coilovers, FL)

    so I'm trying to clear out some stuff from my garage and make some $$$ at the same time. here's some stuff I've got laying around...All parts are located in Pembroke Pines at the moment but I can drive down to Miami-Dade or Palm Beach county to meet up with potential buyers. OEM audi 5-spoke...
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    WTB Euro Upper GTI/Rabbit Bumper ASAP

    got rear ended and i'm looking to upgrade the rear of my car (again). already have a source for a euro lower TDI, just looking for the euro upper. PM me if you know someone getting rid of one. thanks ahead of time! :thumbsup:
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    F/T Koni Coilovers

    I want to trade my koni's + cash for B&G coilovers or H&R Ultralows. The setup is on the car currently and in great condition. If you're interested in a trade PM me so we can iron things out. i'll post pics of the car/drop later tonight, just trying to see if their's interest...
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    couple pics of my clean gti...

    happy belated turkey's a couple from fixxfest6 for you guys of my car. great turnout this year. definitely a growing show, look forward to next year! still got work to do, but i'm very happy with it as it currently sits :thumbup:
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    Some Fixxfest Rollers

    here's a few rolling shots that i was able to take before having to pull over. more pics to come from the actual show as I slowly edit them. ...more to come!
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    SoFla Caravan to FixxFest 2009!!!!!!!

    Dubbers from all across South Florida will be joined together for an exciting event like no other before! Just imagine a sh*t load of dubs departing from MIA, cruising at autobahn speeds (but keeping it safe), while filming thru their sunroofs or attaching expensive @ss camera equipment to their...
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    just a taste.

    it's been too long since i take/post pics of my wench of a car... not the best weather for pics but you do what you can. was at a local bbq/videoshoot/photoshoot/dyno day and decided to snap a few pictures. i'm biased so I edited my own first , later i'll make a thread with pics from the other...
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    some elbow grease and a good ol' spit shine...

    enjoy the fruits of my labor as much as i do :thumbup: just that one for now. some more tidying up is in order and then some rolling shots. :thumbsup:
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    SoFla people! Dubbers, Inc. plans a caravan to Southern Worthersee!!!

    The announcement has recently been made that dubbers, inc. will be planning a caravan to the Southeast's largest VW show. This show is literally HUGE and it's nice that local SoFla peeps are getting involved. If you thought fixxfest was great, SoWo is going to blow your mind. There's no set...
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    from beginning ----> end...sort of.

    beginning: transition: end: (sort of) it's never really over...still need some touches here and there and working on some wheels at the moment.
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    new here, but i get around...

    i don't know what took me so long to get on here quite honestly. i've been on vortex for a while and frequent my local forums, so i figured i might as well sign up for this one too. anyway, my name's orlando and i'm from/live in miami and here's a couple of the whip: thanks! :thumbsup: