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    FS: APR Intake, Euro Switch, Pads and Rotors

    I bought a MK7, so I have no need for these anymore. APR Stage 1 Intake - $150 Euro Switch - $40 Front and rear Green Stuff Pads and Zimmerman Rotors. Rotors and Pads and brand new in box and include Super Blue Fluid. $400 Looking...
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    PCA Autox

    placed first in class in a autox this last sunday pictures were mostly taken by me or my brother. here are some of my favorite shots
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    100mm 2.8L

    My brother picked up a 7D and 100mm macro lens the other day and I decided to play with his camera and the lens on my T1i. There are a few more pictures here with a 50mm 1.4 as well
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    First attempt at long exposure

    These shots were my first attempt at long exposure. I was down in Florida for a wedding and didn't have my tripod. I tried to just rest the camera on the bag then hopped for the best.
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    FS: Valentine V1

    I have an up to date Valentine V1 radar detector with the carrying case and hardwire kit. I no longer use it and want the money to buy a new DSLR Camera. I want $330+ shipping OBO. I will put pictures up later on when I go home and take them.
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    Dice iPod

    I just installed the Dice adapter in my MK V, however I am having a little trouble with it. Lets say I am under the playlist setting if I want to switch to the next track in the playlist I turn the knob or press the seek track button. But what actually happens is it changes the mode. I am...
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    average fuel consumption mfd.

    My MFD reagin for the average fuel economy doesn't seem right. It is always changing almost as if it were like the immediate fuel economy thing. On all the other cars I have driven with this feature vw/non vw haven't been like this. They measure of the gas/miles so it doesn't change every...
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    Cars 4 Kids March 21st A meet being set up by a couple of Deldub members. The meet is free but money from the raffle and any donations will be given to a charity. Should be a fun time of food and just hanging out.
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    New GTI owner

    I picked up my 09 UG GTI from Jordan@Garnet on Wed. Great guy and a great dealership would recommend them to anyone looking at a new VW. I decided today to clean it up a little and figured I would snap a few pics. I used a crappy point and shoot but when I can snag my Dad's DSLR me and my...