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    Fried ECU after APR Stage II?

    So I've had the CEL and EPC light for a coupe months now on my 2007 MKV GTI 2.0T FSI. I've had the code read by a friend who has VAGCOM and it's throwing a " P0601 Check Sum error". But the car is running normaly without problems. I did some research and I have found that people have fixed...
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    FS Blue Defi Racer Gauge (Brand New)

    I have opened the box but I haven't even attempted to install it. It's just as it was shipped to me in the box everything included. This retails for around 200 depending where you look. I am getting rid of it because frankly I just don't have the time to install it and it's just been sitting...
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    Awesome SuperBowl Commercial Enjoy! :thumbsup:
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    Is a tuned car still governed?

    I have a stage 2 APR tune on my 2.0T FSI. I don't have have whole package deal, just the 93 ocatane file w/ catless CE light delete. At the time i didn't have an upgraded diverter valve, and they guy told it was going to break as soon as I go near 19psi. I don't have a boost gauge, but I've had...
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    Sighting 135 Expressway, black MK6

    About 3-4 kids in the car, big FRESH sticker on back. It was a fun run, curious on your mods, and for some reason my car wouldn't go past 130 even though I am STG 2 APR...strange. I was a black mk5, red rims, shocker sticker on the back, eyelids on front.
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    Stage 2 MKV FSI

    2.0T FSI Manual, no other mods other than APR Stage 2, Rev D diverter valve, noise pipe delete, a catless DP and a real CAI by the front driver side fog light. If the opportunity presents itself...what would be classic victim to embarrass? =D (Cars that most people get because they have the...
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    FS: Thule Roof Rack w/ locks

    This rack was on the car when I had bought it, and the previous owner used it to surf. I already have my own roof rack, so I am selling this one. When the owner sold me the car he did not have the key for the rack; so I just ordered it online and it worked perfectly. (There are over 200 locks on...
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    FS: ABD CAI (stg 1 & 2)

    I have both, 70.LAN6 and 70.LAN67 pipes along with a K&N Filter. I will also throw in the K&N Filter oil. Both these pipes together cost 400 + shipping. The stage one only allows for a ram air intake, the additional pipe brings it down to the front driver side fog light. It sounds awesome...
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    WTB: BSH PCV Revamp & Rev D DV.

    I'll pay 50+ depending on the condition of the PCV obo, and 40+ Rev D depending on condition obo. Very willing to negotiate catch can prices as well. This is for a 2007 FSI 2.0T. added plus, if someone has a cheap S3 Intercooler, that would be awesome.