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    FS: Forge FMFSITV - $205 shipped

    FS: Forge FMFSITV - $205 shipped. What you see is what you get. Brand new and never used. Perfect condition. Please PM me if you are interested.
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    I'm looking to upgrade my DV. Where is the cheapest place?

    I'm looking to buy the Forge DV. Where is the cheapest place to buy one? TIA
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    CiM Black Friday Sale! Two days only!

    So I've been watching the EJ vent pod setup this past week and have really wanted it until the recent reviews. Backlight always being on, colormatch off, wiring issues etc. so I decided to order a CiM vent pod setup because of the great reviews thus far. It turns out that they're having a two...
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    Post shots of your engine bay!

    Mine looks stock, so there's nothing to look at.
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    What BV/DV do you have?

    I'm looking to get a BOV/DV for my 2.0 FSI. What do most of you guys have and what brand? TIA