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    Nexus 7 HU installed

    Finally got to taking apart my dash and replacing my MFD2 with a Nexus 7. Lots of fabrication but it went together smoother than I anticipated. It has been a couple days with playing with it in the car and I'm very happy with it. got the back plate covered in suede so it looks nice...
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    Stolen GolfMKV articles.

    so today I wrote a basic DIY for fellow mkver's on the forums I frequent. By coincidence I ran across this on a site below. he has copy and pasted my entire article without permission, put a copyright on...
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    DIY: 2.5L MKV Alternator Replacement

    So recently the Alternator on my 2008 Rabbit went out. Instead of paying an ungodly amount of money getting it replaced somewhere else Ethan and I went for fixing it ourselves.... This will be a DIY guide to do the job yourself. This guide is to be used for reference purposes only, anything...
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    ClassicRbt's Audio Build

    I'm finally starting on a proper system install in my own personal MKV. This past weekend I took out the headunit and tapped into my stock harness for signal. I soldered and heatshrunk every connection and ran the speaker wire to under my drivers seat and left plenty of slack for future...
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    WTB- Rear hatch

    I need a rear hatch for a MKV Rabbit. GTI works as well. Preferably in Reflex Silver. No Carbon fiber aftermarket ones please.
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    17 inch Forged BBS STI wheels

    Ok, I'm getting closer and closer to putting these on the Rabbit. I would like to see if anyone would like to pick them up before then. Forged BBS STI Wheels. Specs: 5X114.3 17x8 ET 53 Weight: 17 pounds Center bore: 56.1 needs to be 57.1 for MKV fitment. Previous owner said that one of...
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    Sirius XM Hardwire (coin tray install)

    Recently picked up XM for the car. I can't stand wires around the dash so I got creative. :wink: Took out the coin tray which is held on by 2 Torx screws after removing the shifter bezel. After that was done I started trimming away the coin tray to fit the module. First thing I did was take...