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    WTB Classix

    Looking for a single Classix
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    Local Waco Area Euros. Lets Meet.

    Just created a group on FB
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    Vag Com Waco

    Just bought a vag com and if anyone in the area wants a scan HMU
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    I'm offering 100 shipped, doesnt even need to work, just want the faceplate & buttons.
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    Knocking at idle my experience

    Since the search function never gave me any real good indication im just posting my experience. 06' MKV DSG w/114,000 miles Past year I have been thru a lot, with misfires, bad coils, pcv, and bad n8 valve and my radiator fan shitting out on me causing overheating. So I am already close to 2...
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    Triple Square bits and Strut Bearings

    Installed my coilovers last week, and bought the 6 piece schwaben set to keep organized so I have these just sitting around now.. The 14 mm black schwaben came with the ECS install kit, the others where ebay buys, a single 16mm, and the pair is 16 & 18mm.. pick & choose or take em all.. also I...
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    Broken sensor on turbo..

    Heres a pic, can someone tell me what sensor is this.. directly under intake, attatched to turbo.. or a part number so I can get a new one. Thanks for the help!
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    5 buck Steering Wheel Refurb

    So I started out with the intentions of touching up some buttons because the soft touch paint was peeling with some testors flat black paint, I had some nasty scratches and faded areas on my steering wheel so I touched some small spots out, well once I started I was so happy with the results I...
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    Euro vanity plate

    I have for sale a black/red euro plate I bought from customeuros for $60.. FARFRMUSN. This is a phrase used in the recovery scene, ie. "far from using" I moved to texas from tampa which requires front license plates. so its just hanging on my garage wall, if this is something that interests you...