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    Scion FR-S Subaru BR-Z Video

    Check it out fellas:thumbsup:
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    brake pad help

    does anyone want to help me swap out my brake pads? or know of anyone? PM me your prices let me know. thanks
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    gunmetal vmr vb3 on tr?

    your opinions? a quick pchop
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    snow day

    while the gti is in the garage....
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    shop to fix re-finish wheels

    any one know of any shops in NJ that fixes or re finishes wheels?
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    finally got recaros

    recaro cell phone holder that is:bellyroll:
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    *porsche gt3 content*

    i was over at truspeed in irvine over the weekend and decided to snap some pictures; enjoy.
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    kind of want new wheels

    anyone want to trade?
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    revisiting an old picture

    \\ enjoy :thumbsup:
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    4 x 4 stance

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    My POS vs a RX-8

    Im bone stock idk about the RX8 but i knew it wasnt an 'S' model or w/e mazda calls their higher power model. I was waiting at the light on rt 1; the light turns green i slowly accelerate to about 15 or 20mph until i heard this screaming exhaust coming from the other lane. I was all relaxed and...
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    Yaris GTI?

    I found this when i was browsing some 'jdm' stuff Dont quite get why a fast would be inside of a yaris? :iono:
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    Weekly Groupshoot/Meet

    This is happening again this sunday! Location: Shop Rite Parking Lot [ on Marin Blvd ], Jersey City NJ Time: 9pm Come out on a sunday night to meet some other dubbers as well as take some pictures. If you want to see more of this: Stop by at 9pm :thumbup:
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    Moar rubbish from my p&s

    comments/criticisms welcomed
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    Third times a charm

    Lets try this a third time. Group Photoshoot this Sunday the 16th at 9pm The meetup location is at the shop rite parking lot in Jersey City d+07302&sll=40.724072,-74.043839&sspn=0.008895,0.021544&gl=us&ie=UTF8&ll=...
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    Lets try this again

    Group Photo shoot this sunday the 9th Time: 9pm at the shop rite parking lot Last weeks meet was alright but lets make this one even better Whos down? Location: Jersey City Shop Rite
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    Anyone know of a good body shop around Central NJ?

    I got a dent in my fender and was wondering if there are any good shops around central nj? Has anyone had any experience with paint-less dent removal?
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    BBS CH?

    What do you think?