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    In with the new

    Just got an R a couple months ago and now its time to send back the GTI.
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    Hey all. I will be returning my car back to stock suspension from my FK Silverline X coils. I need to make sure I have all my stock components before I bring it to the shop. Could someone help me by making a detailed checklist of the parts that I need to have so that I could order missing parts...
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    FS: FK Silverline + X coilover kit $850

    Hello all. Its been a while since I last posted. I am preparing to trade in my GTI. I have a FK Silverline + X coilover kit used for approx 11k miles. I have had them on the VW for exactly one year. They have been great. $850 firm picked up from Montgomery County PA, only 30 minutes north of...
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    Blown coilover strut

    Blew out my front left strut insert on my FK SilverlineX kit! :mad: Thanks to NJ highways. Called NGP for warranty replacement, they said they wouldnt be able to send one out MAYBE if im lucky at the end of March. Anyone know a different way of sourcing this part?
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    Grime on steering wheel

    What product should I use to remove the grime buildup Ive got on my steering wheel (from neglecting to clean the interior for a year) and to restore that smooth leather feeling a new car has. I dont want to use the wrong product and lift up the dye of the wheel or something. Thanks! It kinda...
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    Ahh the rain

    Just Slapped these wheels on today
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    Which tire for my needs

    Nitto Neogen 215/40/18 or Falken 452 215/40/18 Im looking for 2 things - Dry grip and quietness.
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    How could I make this happen

    This isnt another "will it rub" thread because I already know I the answer to that. The question is rather what the hell should I do so that it wont rub... Here are the specs: BBS CK 19x8.5 ET35 Falken 452 215/35/19 FK Coils dropped alllll the way down. Perches in. Fender screw mod -...
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    Will it rub?

    On FK Silverline coils all the way down and perches in. BBS CK 19x8 + 44 on 215/35/19 Falken tires I know its a perfect offset and the tires will be small but I have never run 19s and I'm not willing to sacrifice ride height so I just wanted to see.
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    Will it rub?

    On FK Silverlines all the way down (perches in) Alphards Front- 18x8.5 ET 35 on 205/40/18 Toyo proxes Rear- 18x9.5 ET 40 on 215/40/18 Toyo proxes
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    Questions about these wheels

    Alphards. I know a good amount of guys on here have had em. Heres the question. They 18x8.5 in the fronts and 18x9.5 in the rear. My main concern is the offset. I have heard a couple different offsets and would like to know...
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    Looking for BBS's maybe

    Where should I look for BBS RS-Gt's or BBS RS's in MKV fitments? Does raderworks or someone sell RS's redrilled or something like that? I need wheels asap and I want something good. New or used.
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    Give me your opinions on these tire sizes

    Okay so Im coming from some cheap 205/40/18 tires that almost ruined my brand new rims when they leaked from 37 PSI to 10 PSI over night. Im on an 18x8.5 VB3s from VMR So now I need new tires, and Im not sure about sticking with a 205/40 anymore unless it was the cheapness of the tires that...
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    Cleaning up a bit of surface rust

    How can I clean off the thin layer of rust on my suspension components such as threaded struts and swaybar endlinks? I wanted to sell my coils that I have just taken off and want to shine them up. Its only light rust and probably mostly dirt.
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    A bolt

    My heatshield that came with my EvoMS intake is pissing me off. The stock grommits with the threads at the bottom come loose, even when I used a nut at the bottom. They actually fell out, and I was able to get the heatshield before it fell down deeper into the bay. What (size) bolts can I use to...
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    Question about my amber turn signals

    I had someone on these boards a while ago make the stock tails into R32 style tails with amber turn signals and fog. I hate the color of the amber turn signals because they are too whiteish/yellow rather than true amber... its really bugging the hell out of me because it looks cheap. My tech...
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    Before I put on my new coils....

    Before I put on my new coils I need to know what this noise is. I currently run K-Sports and a lot of us know that they do make certain noises due to certain design flaws. I understand this and I have read about them. The noise that I am wondering about is something I have not seen discussed...
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    Tire pressure Sensor Q

    Are the stock sensor pre-set for stock tire pressure? I bought my car with 17 denvers on 225/45 tires, upgraded to 18x8 RS4 reps on 225/40 tires and used the same sensors no problem (because the tire pressures werent too off I guess) Next week I will be putting on some 18x8.5 CSL reps on...
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    Staggered Fitment question

    ok so on the fronts I know for sure Ill be fine with 18x8 + 45 on some 205.40/18 rubber But on the back what is an ideal offset for 18x9?
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    Retarted wheel bolt pattern question

    Are there any disadvantages to wheels with multiple wheel bolt patterns such as 5x100 & 5x112. (TSW Kyalami) Thanks in advance.