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    MK5 - Manual Gearbox

    Hi, I just had a new clutch installed by the dealer, which seems OK, but the issue I was having is having difficulty getting into first gear. This does not seem any different even with the new clutch. My car is a 2008 MK5 GTI Manual gearbox and has 173000 km on it. Could it be the gearbox, i.e...
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    Forge Blow Off Valve - which spring?

    Hi, just fitted the Forge Blow Off Valve, and it sounds awesome. It comes with 2 different springs that go in the valve. A blue one for regular boost, and a Yellow one for cars that are running higher boost. But it doesn't give any specks on amount of boost for which spring. I have the car APR...
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    Clutch possibly slipping?

    Hi, Recently I have noticed during hard acceleration in 4th gear, manual transmission, that there is a sudden jump in Rpms at around 3000. There is no traction control warning and the car does not feel like it is sliding or spinning the wheels. I have been making sure to keep my left foot away...
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    Mk6 or Mk7? I like!!! Anyway. :thumbsup: Just found it, its a MKVI concept pic by avarvarii.
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    Gearbox Issue 6MT

    This winter when it was really cold, ie -25C or colder I had a week of night shifts so the car was parked out all night. In the morning the clutch was so stiff driving the first 10 minutes was a real pain. First and second gear being really crunchy. The reason I mention this now is first and...
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    Induction Icing?

    I seem to have a strange problem, with my Golf MKV GTi. Its only done 6500km. The engine/transmission seems to make a strange harsh noise when I put my foot on the gas. It doesnt have to be hard acceleration just on the gas. It seems to coincide with when the roads are wet? No strange noise...
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    Removal of Rotor rust?

    How do I clean up my rear brake rotors so they look as good as the fronts? Should I use a rust remover or just wire brush, then paint them or just put on some rust inhibitor?
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    Wrong Winter Tires!!!

    Leaving work today I noticed a big nail sticking out of my rear drivers side tire. The tire not being flat or hissing I drove it home ok. I decided to put on my winter tires and found that the bolt pattern is wrong. Bugger!!! :mad0259: I was told they would fit. Now I have to go back and get...
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    Rusty Discs

    Hi, Got a new MKV GTi couple of weeks ago. I have noticed that the back brake discs are quite rusty around the hub center. The front ones aren't, they look silver still. Should I get the dealer to sort this or is it normal? I know discs usually rust over time but its brand new!!! BTW I love my...