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    DIY: Tips for Intake Valve Carbon Cleaning and Intake Manifold Removal

    Hi guys and gals, I know there are many DIY's on intake removal and carbon cleaning on GTIs, but I felt there were a few items that were not properly addressed and a couple issues that I ran into that hopefully others can avoid. I made a "top tips" .pdf that goes through all of these. This is...
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    Help: Intake Manifold Partition (valve cleaning)

    Hey dudes and dudettes, I have a 2009 TSI with 135k. Long story short, I have the intake manifold fully removed in my garage - all went well-ish. Upon removing the manifold, carbon build-up was definitely the source of my problems. two of the 8 "pins" on the intake manifold partitions were...
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    Seized camber adjustment in rear

    Hi folks, I have a really drastic negative camber on the right rear of my 09 GTI. If first noticed it while driving across the country last year to relocate and we were towing a trailer that was probably 600 to 750 lbs. In retrospect, I am wondering if the eccentric camber bolt was not tight...
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    2009 GTI w/ TSI - Time bomb?

    Hey guys and gals, I need your opinions on my 2009 GTI with the TSI motor and DSG. I currently have 135K on the odo and the body and interior is in relatively excellent condition for it being 8 years old. It has been mostly reliable over the years, with a few fixes here and there, but I am...
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    Hesitation at low speeds

    I have a 2009 GTI TSI with 135k miles on it, and have owned since it was new in 2009. I recently had a P0302 engine code pop up (misfire on cylinder 2) and had it repaired. They did a de-carbon procedure, and replaced all 4 spark plugs and ignition coils (I had an ignition service kit lying...