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    Keep it or trade it?

    Its been on my mind the last few days if I should keep the R32 or in the fall trade it for a MK6 6mt in Candy White. Any comments would also be great. Please vote. Here's a picture of my car at this time. Thank you
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    New Photo spot found

    Heres a few previews of the shots I took today. Enjoy:smile:
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    R32 OEM Stock Springs

    As the title says, I am selling my stock R32 springs that were on my car for 11 months. They are is perfect shape. Asking $175 shipped in the US Only. I will post pics if requested. Thanks for looking!
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    Cell Phone Wallpapers

    Could be a repost but thought I would share. You can enter your cell phone model at the top right then search for "golf" on the left. There are many VW wallpapers you can download to your phone. I save the file to me...
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    What option should I go with? Please vote!
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    What springs should I order?

    Neuspeed or H&R. Neuspeed has a drop listed at 1.4 front and back. H&R says 1.0 all around.
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    Wash and Waxed the ladies!

    Just a few pics of my 2 ladies today since the weather was so nice.
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    Matchbox/HotWheels Collection 4-Sale!

    This is my GTI collection over the last couple years. There are 15 total. The large GTI in the back is a Kyosho Mini-Z Remote Control body and wheels act like a model or can be used as an RC body to your Mini-Z. $30 The CW GTI on the left is from the Norvev company in France. Just this...
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    Drivers Side Kick Panel removal?

    So I just got the dead pedel replacement and I wanted to know if there is a DIY to remove the kick panel to have access to the bolt that keeps this pedal in. Searched but didn't find any information or a DIY for this. Any info would be great. I just don't want to break any plastic.
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    Fun with Plastic Dip!

    Just playing around today with the grill. Looks better in person. I think I might start going with the darker look. I think I need to get the smoked sidemarkers to finish things off. Let me know what you think. +/- comments Enjoy
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    Cheapest Place to find these wheels?

    Looking for the VW phaeton helios. Is there a cheaper place to pick these up for under $1500? Links would be great. Thanks guys.
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    R32 forum

    For those of you would like to speak with just R32 owners, you should check out Is is only for R32 owners. Cheers!
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    Do you know your car companys? Quiz

    Take the quiz!!
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    Tire Light Question

    Just put my new wheels on that do not have TPMS in them. I can't remember for the life of me just how to get the tire light off with after market wheels. Can anyone assist me to get this light from flashing in my face? I think my spare has correct air pressure. Checked last month. Thanks
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    Neuspeed or H&R????????

    I'm ready to order springs and I would like to get the lowest drop for the money. What would be the best deal?
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    Quick Lug Nut Question

    What is the stock lug nut size? 14x1.5x30mm or 14x1.5x50mm or 14x1.5x55mm Thanks!
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    H20 Video I created

    So I'm sitting at home with nothing to do. So I created my first video with pictures from the international car show in September. Remember, first time creating and uploading to YouTube. Enjoy!
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    Just ordered License Plate Bulbs!!!

    ZiZa - MK5 Golf / Rabbit / R32 LED License Plate Bulbs I really didn't want to wire up the resistors with standard bulbs. "From ECS" Simply remove your plate light assembly, replace the factory incandescent bulb with our Ziza bulb, and re-install the plate light assembly. When installing...
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    My R32 update

    Just wanted to share that I have installed my new GHL catback and have just ordered new wheels from Redline. I think that I am going to take a break from upgrades till spring time. Still looking at a drop kit to get the right stance. I do have a question for you guys. The pic below is the...
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    Will a 32 offset work on the R? Thanks