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    FS: 15" Steelies + tires - NYC

    Looking to get rid of these steelies. I no longer have use for them and they are taking up space. The steelies include all season tires which probably have 10,000 left in them. I'll post some pics later tonight. Looking to get $75. Or make me an offer. Disclaimer: these wheels will not fit...
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    Knocking sound coming from steering column at idle

    I've noticed recently in my Rabbit that when I come to a stop I can hear a clear knocking/tapping noise coming from either the steering column or the gauge pod area. I'm not moving the wheel at all. What could be making this noise?
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    Best way to remove dog hair?

    Grrr. I bought my '07 Rabbit a few weeks ago. The previous owner had a short haired dog (pit bull) and it obviously rode in the car often. Despite the previous owners attempt to clean most of the dog hair up there is still hair all over the carpet, hatch area and stuffed in the crevices of the...