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    WTB: passenger side fog light

    Hey guys I am looking for a passenger side fog light. My lens has a crack so I'm looking to replace it. I do not need the bulb just the fog light assembly. Please let me know if you have one. Thanks.
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    WTB: FSI stock maf housing

    Hey guys I am looking to see if anyone has the stock FSI maf housing for sale? I know it's part of the engine cover but I'm looking to see if anyone who has cut the FSI engine cover up to use with an aftermarket intake has the maf housing after they seperated it from the cover. Please pm me if...
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    Pierburg OEM revision D diverter valve

    Hey guys I have a brand new Pierburg revision D oem diverter valve for sale. This is the upgraded piston style valve. If you have not upgraded from the original DV this a must do upgrade! I did not end up needing this so I am looking to sell it. I am looking for $70 shipped. Please pm me if you...
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    WTB: vent gauge pod

    Hey everyone I am looking for a vent gauge pod for a 52mm gauge. Please pm me if you have one available! Thanks.
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    Good vw repair shop in NYC area?

    Hey guys, I currently have my 07 gti fsi at the vw service center in linden nj and they cannot seem to find the issue with my car. I think they may be getting to a point where they want me to pay for replacement parts at my cost to see if any of them fix the issue.. So I was looking to see if...
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    Help! Loud pop/backfire, severely underpowered now and loud whistle sound

    Hey everyone, I own a 2007 gti with the fsi motor. I have had the usual issues with this engine and about a month ago I had the cam follower, intake cam shaft and hpfp all replaced under warranty. I experienced a new issue a few days ago and am looking for your help. I brought the car to the...