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  1. akaprince

    2008.5 VW GTI 104K Miles - TSI, KO4, DSG, 2-Door - Brooklyn, NY

    2008.5 VW GTI 2 Door -2.0L TSI -DSG -Black Magic Pearl -Sunroof -Interlago seats -104k Miles -Asking for $8,000 or best offer Exterior -Polyurethane Front Lip -Smooth Front Bumper with side marker and molding delete Interior -Dash Shelf Tray -Aftermarket Head Unit (Comes with Stock)...
  2. akaprince

    FOR SALE: Oem R32 Front Bumper $300

    Whats up everyone, like the title says i have a Oem R32 Front Bumper for sale. Bumper itself is in good condtion besides the side tabs. the front grille is in bad shape. comes with tinted side markers to bend with the bumper.
  3. akaprince

    Trying to pass emissions - NYC

    My car is a 2008.5 GTI TSI CBFA with an APR KO4, 42DD downpipe high flow cat. i had a CEL and the pending code was for Secondary Air Injection and my Cat wasnt ready for emission. So i went to Linden VW (when they was still a APR dealer) had them put the No Testpipe file on the car. Still...
  4. akaprince

    I need some help/insight

    Hi everyone, I need to pass inspection but i have a pending Secondary Air Injection code and a O2 sensor and Cat Failed and/or Incomplete. Recently got my No Testpipe File from APR, hoping that would have solved my 02 sensor or Cat problem. I had a friend try to force readiness with vag-com but...
  5. akaprince

    FS: OEM DP, Tail Lights, Lower jetta grille and fog light cover

    Hi, Just like the title says i have these items for sale OEM Downpipe TSI $50 took this off my car to upgrade to 3" 42DD dp around 40,000 miles OEM Downpipe FSI $50 originally bought this off a member on the here, was suppose to trade a local for his downpipe but the deal didnt go through. OEM...
  6. akaprince

    FS: Continental ExtremeContact DW 245/40 R17 $350

    Hi, i recently took this tires off my wheels. I would keep these but im looking to go back to Stock width tires. These tires are great for dry and wet conditions, they are extremely grippy. I used them for 2 summer seasons in NYC, they still have plenty of thread life left. Looking to get $350...
  7. akaprince

    Aluminum paint code (help)

    I'm looking to paint my r32 front bumper grille back to aluminum. When I purchased the bumper it was painted in all black. Would anyone happen to know a paint code to turn it back as close to the original aluminum look. Thanks
  8. akaprince

    DSG problems - PRNDS flashing

    So the other day i was driving home and all of a sudden while I'm in manual mode it flashes to the PRNDS screen and started flashing. Then i went back and forth from D to + - to see if it was a glitch since i never seen this happen before. I put the car in park and shut it off to see if it would...
  9. akaprince

    H&R Street Performance SS Coilovers

    Whats up guys, Im in the market for a new set of coilovers and i recently stumbled upon the SS version when i was looking up on the regular Street Performance version. The SS version isnt available for mkv but it is for the mkvi. I know the mkv and mkvi suspension are interchangeable, my...
  10. akaprince

    only 87 octane at gas stations.

    Hi all, So Hurricane Sandy caused a lot of gas stations in nyc to run out of gas. Certain gas stations only have 87 Octane. I got 2 gallons of it in a gas container dont really want to put in in my car but im left at 0miles. I have a 2008.5 GTI TSI with a k04 apr tuned. Now the question is, do...
  11. akaprince

    widen lug holes..

    anyone know a place where i can get my lug holes widened to fit 14 mm wobble bolts? lug holes now are designed to fit 12mm studs. but wobbles bolts slip right thru, just doesnt have room to wobble. thanks and much appreciated, hoping to get these wheels on asap.
  12. akaprince

    machine shop in bk?

    anyone know a good machine shop in brooklyn that can bore out my lug holes?
  13. akaprince

    WTB: Rear Sway Bar

    As the title states, looking to buy a rear sway bar. Whether it's used, found on a website for a good price, or if you just wanna throw your .02 in, any contribution will help. Thanks
  14. akaprince

    exhaust tips

    im trying to find exhaust tips for my custom r32 style catback. this is the closest one i can find to my specs but im looking for something shorts in length. is there anyone that can help me out with this? thanks.
  15. akaprince

    OEM or German aftermarket?

    im looking to replace my ball joint, sway bar links and strut mounts? so i save $100 and get the aftermarket or stick with oem? just wanted to see what the people on golfmkv have to say.
  16. akaprince

    TSI dp onto FSI?

    I was just wondering if anyone would know this. Would a TSI Dp fit onto the FSI?
  17. akaprince

    any CBFA guys with "cheap" downpipe mod?

    hi, im interested in going stage 2 and was wondering if anyone modified the ebay dp to work for cbfa engines, anyone knows what needs to be done?
  18. akaprince

    front swaybar bracket, help.

    long story short, my passanger side front sway bar bracket broke. the dealership wont just sell me the brackets, i need to buy the whole bar, im pretty much looking for an alternative. any help would be much appreciated.
  19. akaprince

    WTB GTI sideskirts locally NY

    anyone have gti sideskirts or drivers side. lmk.