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  1. Barrett

    Evaporation System Part Replacement?

    Hey guys, so I recently ran out of warranty and I'm going to sort this out with a german automotive guy I know in the area, he was the one that told me my "Evap System" was throwing a code and then when I asked him what specific part he showed me in the bay and it's shown in the photos below...
  2. Barrett

    Good shop around Austin?

    Hey what's a good shop around Austin (TX) that could do some work to my car, like install coils or whatever? I don't know how many Austinites are on here but I thought I'd give it a shot. It'd be great to network with MKVers in the area as well.
  3. Barrett

    My Car In Austin

    I was bored late at night last night so I decided to wash my car then go take some pictures around the city. My car is pretty stock, I know, I'm working on it. View in high quality here:
  4. Barrett

    Road Trip

    i plan on going on a road trip all the way to los angeles within the next few weeks. i've never been and i need some advice on cool places to stop at on the way. i know the grand canyon will be on my list. anyone have any advice on cool spots to see? by the way, i'm leaving from austin texas...
  5. Barrett

    Few Questions

    Alright so I'm about to install my new Side-mount Stealth box from Nik when it arrives from UPS in few days or so and I have a few questions about installing things. I've never done this before and I need some questions answered please. 1. I have the Sony XM-1S amp, and it says "Signal-sensing...
  6. Barrett

    Sunday Wash & Wax

    I took the day to wash and wax my car. It was nice and cool, a perfect day to wash my car and snap some photos. :thumbsup: Enjoy... Also, if anyone is looking for some H&R Supersport springs I am selling some brand new ones, for a pretty good price. Check it out in this thread. I...
  7. Barrett

    FS: H&R Supersport Spring Kit

    I'm selling BRAND NEW H&R Supersport Springs. They're for the GTI, obviously. New, in box, includes all papers, etc. I'm asking $240.00 to anyone in the US. (That includes the price of shipping.) I can give you pictures if you PM me, but you're not going to see much, just some blue springs in...
  8. Barrett

    Holes in oilpan?

    Okay, so, I've been informed that when you lower your car that your GTI can very easily get holes in the plastic(?!) oilpan because of how low it is. This results in burning up the engine, etc. Someone tell me this isn't true.
  9. Barrett

    Hey look! Kia copied the Civic!

    It's called the Kia Forte Koup. Ugly, and they did a good job of copying the Civic coupe. Comes out next year apparently...
  10. Barrett

    Spring Install

    I've looked fucking high and low. Where's the DIY for installing springs for the GTI? All I can find is strut installs and shiz.
  11. Barrett

    Best Exhaust Under $500

    What do you think is the best exhaust for the GTI that is under $500? I'm looking for an exhaust, and I don't know which to buy.
  12. Barrett

    GTI vs. Mustang GT

    All I've got is an intake, nothing much. His Mustang looked about stock, it was an 04 or something, he might have had an exhaust. Anyway, coming home with two of my friends in the car, I drive off from a light passing a two slow cars (A minivan in the fast lane, and the Mustang in the right...
  13. Barrett

    Man Free of HIV!

    A news story about a man seems to be cured of HIV. It's really a crazy thing to hear. I wonder if it'll be gone for the rest of his life. I wonder if we'll hear about this one TV, this was published on...
  14. Barrett

    Warranty Void

    Can anyone give me a quick list of what will void your warranty, or what won't? Greatly appreciated.
  15. Barrett

    I Hate Our Carpet

    The carpet (not mats, the actual carpet floor) is easily matted and can be pulled up . You'd think VW would have put some better carpet in there. There's a spot where when people step in my car to get in the back seat that the carpet is matted down and vacuuming it doesn't help much. My...
  16. Barrett

    Sweet Idea?!

    I don't know if anyone has ever thought of this but I recently thought of cleaning my car and the weather has been somewhat cold (not bad, but I know it is in some crazy snowy places this time of the year). Anyway, a self-service INDOOR car wash sounds like a great idea. Maybe some type of...
  17. Barrett

    Texas VW Sticker

    I made this design. Tell me what you think. I have no experience in printing vinyl decals, so I would never be able to print these without the help of people that know how to do it. Here are two sample images, one has a transparent background, and the other has a black background. It's...
  18. Barrett

    WTB: 18" Huff Wheel

    I severely curbed one of my Huffs. I need a new Huff, it can be located anywhere in the US. I realllllly need this! If you have one, with no flaws, please offer here or PM me. I'd appreciate this sooooo much! Thanks.
  19. Barrett

    Annoying Audio Sound

    (2008 GTI) When I get in my car--mostly in the morning--the driver's-side door speakers will start making an annoying white noise sound. This just started recently, about a week ago. I've just hit 4500 miles. When I turn off the stereo the sound stays for about 5 seconds, then turns off. And it...
  20. Barrett


    I've been badgeless on the front, since I've had my GTI. It came without it because it either flew out, or wasn't put on at production. Anyway, I have no idea, some how it didn't come with the car. My dealer ordered one for me, for free because neither me nor the dealer noticed it until I got...