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  1. Cybe

    TL Weight Reduction Craziness

    c'mon, man. antenna delete? the fuck.
  2. Cybe

    JEEP SRT8 > GTI ?

    your suv is invalid, how many dogs does this equal
  3. Cybe

    Holy shit...leasing an Evo X GSR for $259/month

    shit. could send the TDI back and lease two of those bitches.
  4. Cybe

    Nice and Efficient AWD car options

    my tip-quat allroad and dsg-quat a3 with a combined total 300k+ miles are lol back at you.
  5. Cybe

    Nice and Efficient AWD car options

    efficient and awd are not compatible terms in the united states due to lack of diesel quattros. give up the awd and plenty of 50mpg diesels are available :)
  6. Cybe

    Any other artists on here?

    (these are excellent)
  7. Cybe

    Reefers? Salt tanks.

    Post your tanks.. Just starting mine, I'm a salt noob. 26g bow. New live rock from Reefsystems, a coral farm here in Ohio.
  8. Cybe

    The wife got a countryman

    you fail at pics.
  9. Cybe

    1000 posts club

    I'm going to quit when I hit 1k.
  10. Cybe

    Ad Placed on My Windshield GRRRR

    fuck, now i have to go get little ceeze. you're right though, it's not legal on private property (lot) and especially not on public property (street). I called a shitshack cell-phone store about putting an ad on my car. they told me to fuckin' call 911. can you believe that shit? justice...
  11. Cybe

    Ugly Cars

    i hate this car
  12. Cybe

    Thought I'd share pictures of our Home Theater

    Agreed, I have a stack of RXL-40 in the basement :)
  13. Cybe

    Thought I'd share pictures of our Home Theater

    I've been disappointed with integrated time-alignment systems like Audessy. They're ok to get a baseline, and the measurement results are pretty accurate but I find the result pretty sterile. Could be my rooms, or could be my ears.. I wonder if the standalone units do a better job?
  14. Cybe

    vw Sidecar

  15. Cybe

    Derp. Before/After

  16. Cybe

    Ultimate FUUUUU related car thread

    LMFAO.. Sorry about that! And I thought OUR netnanny was harsh!! It's worth checking out from home :)
  17. Cybe

    Ultimate FUUUUU related car thread
  18. Cybe

    Thought I'd share pictures of our Home Theater

    Very nice! Now get a projector to compliment the setup. ;) How's the Hsu sub? I was just on AVS today checking the shootouts :) The bass-traps came out great.. Everything looks top notch. Offset some of those photographs from the wall for a built-in diffuser! Have you tried the FRP calc?