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  1. defiance

    E U R O T H O N 2011 5 June FDR Park

    sorry for the late post guys.. hope all can attend!! Hello Tristate. Long time no see; life has a funny way of getting ahead of you ;p. I'm very happy to once again post our humble show on here and have all of you come and have a good time at the new location. Though Yonkers Raceway was a...
  2. defiance

    wobble bolts? want to have a new setup but dunno how

    SO.. im looking at getting a set of LM's 5x114.3PCD and use wobble bolts to mount them to my mk5 GTI.... ONLY problem is... what is the most i guess 8/8.5/9/9.5/10 i can go what is the most ET 35to ??? that i can go can anybody help??? getting mixed reviews from everyone
  3. defiance

    E U R O T H O N 9/12/2010 Yonkers Raceway

    Date: September 12th, 2010 (I know it coincides with another show, but it was either this date, or no Empire City Raceway and Casino. Apologies ahead of time.) Time: Show Cars enter at 9:00am, gate for show cars closes at 11:45 .........Spectator gates open at 12:00 noon .........Show ends at...
  4. defiance


    what are the best coilovers for you car? -best ride -handing -durability -adjustability -best overall NOTE..... DON'T forget i said..... IN YOUR HUMBLE opinion
  5. defiance


    For those who wanna see dem, click on the link in my signature box!!!:w00t:
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    For those who wanna see dem, here is da link
  7. defiance

    E U R O T H O N.... Hosted By Three8Werks

    Quote, originally posted by the THREE.8.WERKS crew » With the new year and new club name, we decided that it was only appropriate to "update" our event name as well. DUBATHON has always welcomed all European car enthusiasts to come and enjoy a relaxed, fun atmosphere where free food, and nice...
  8. defiance

    REVO, GIAC or APR?

    Which one is better for the mk5? Overall? and WHY?
  9. defiance

    Memorial Day

    For those who have served and those who have fallen, WE HAVE not forgotten you!!
  10. defiance

    Don't You hate dealerships?

    That don't know ANYTHING about TSB's on your car. You go to one place and they don't know but, you go to a different place and they know about it:frown: Does anyone know where i can get the new version "C" diverter valve for my car and i guess the new pressure regulator valve version"G" also...
  11. defiance

    Can you........

    Hook up and Amplifier and and sub to your stock system? just wondering
  12. defiance

    VWFixx NY Chapter 3rd Annual D U B A T H O N!! May 27

    Hope all of ya'll can attend!! We're gonna do it up big this year!! Here is the link on the VWvortex.....
  13. defiance

    what do you think?

    The R32 is comming out in August? 250Hp!!! :thumbup: but its only comming in an Automatic:eek: Would u trade ur GTI for one? I love my GTI already(woudnt want to give it up). I would get the new R if i had the extra money...... What do you guys feel/know/want to say bout the new R32?
  14. defiance

    Help!! How to install iPod adapter

    I read the forum for the DIY ipod adapter but that is for the center console in the armrest. I bought the VW OEM connector cables for the ipod off of ebay. Does anyone know if i can use the DIY for taking out your radio and plugging in the ipod connectors? BUT how and where would the ipod go? Im...