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  1. TSiUG

    FS: VMR 702 18x8.5 Matte Gunmetal W/ Brushed Face(w/TPMS)

    Located in Chicago NO trades considered. Almost new Continental DWS(225/40) tires with only~2K miles. Best high season performance tire I have ever had. GREAT dry performance/handling for an all season while EXCELLENT in winter and incredible treadwear rating(540 vs 400 w/ competitors)! TPMS...
  2. TSiUG

    Need wheels/tires in Chicago ASAP!!!!! Cash in hand!

    So I am trading my 09 GTI into a dealer and buying a private party b6 a4. I want to swap my VMR 702s over to the audi but need wheels and tires to trade in to the dealer. Dont need anything nice. Some beat up Denvers/Classix or aftermarket with tires would be great. I will consider anything...
  3. TSiUG

    FS/FT: 2009 2DR UG GTI w/DSG and K04

    FT/FS: 2009 2dr VW GTI United Grey w/ DSG 1 Year old PICTURE ALBUM HERE: I am either selling or trading with cash on top(on your end)my 2009 GTI. It is a 2 door in United Gray w/ moonroof and DSG as options. Car has ~52.8k miles on it. Car runs...
  4. TSiUG

    DSG Owners:How many Mechatronics units have you been through?

    So I took my car into a local dealer around here for 50k service and to get my intake manifold replaced under warranty(big TSI issue). As the tech guy drives my car into the bay I hear my DSG pull a false neutral....fuuuuck. Service manager has car scanned and finds DSG faults, tells me I...
  5. TSiUG

    WTB: Skid Plate

    Let me know what you got guys
  6. TSiUG

    HELP me pick out wheels ASAP!!!!!!

    I need your help immediately guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As in I needed to have my mind made up yesterday lol. I used to have a set of VMR v710s in 18x8.5 et45 and loved the fitment and the look. Ended up selling them before moving to Chicago and just kept my 18 inch stock winter setup. I recently...
  7. TSiUG

    Feeler: APR TSI K04 kit in ohio or chicago

    Im moving to chicago where I cant really use a k04 anymore. I have my stock IHI(k03) I can put back on the car. Basically if I can get the right price semi-locally I will give you my k04 depending on how much money I can make on top. Do you know how to swap out your own turbo or a place that...
  8. TSiUG

    09 TSI GTI part out

    Still have: for sale out of my 09 TSI Golf GTI MKV: 20k miles on turbo IHI(k03) turbo...TSI only Genuine VAG Com cable Pyrotect Large Size Matte Black Snell M2005 racing helmet...visorless...Snell 2005 expires 1/1/2017 17" audi a3 bicolor wheels with 80% tread+ winter tires 09 GTI OEM Downpipe...
  9. TSiUG

    09 TSI part out

    look below for updated item list
  10. TSiUG


    Alright guy, another big price recuction willing to sell for $14.6k OBO but cant really go any lower. Down from my initial price of 17k. My loss is your gain. OK, so I have a 2009 United Grey 2-Door DSG GTI w/ 45k miles that I need to get rid of. APR TSI K04 Kit installed. 300whp/318wtq. I...
  11. TSiUG

    VIDEO:TSI DSG K04 vs Cobb Stage 1 EVO X

    Got a video tonight of me against my buddies EVO X GSR Cobb Stage 1 tuned + Cobb SRI Intake. My mods are in sig. First two videos are 2nd gear rolls (done in the wet) and the last video is a 3rd gear roll. I will let the videos tell the rest of the story:biggrin: 2nd gear roll #1...
  12. TSiUG

    Wtb: votex front lip or euro lip

    Looking for either lip or even a replica as well, and hell I would be interested in almost any lip that looks good and fits well/easy install. Pm me or email me at Sean.e.reilly at gmail.
  13. TSiUG

    WTB: Matte Black Rear Emblem for MKV GTI

    Found one, thanks guys!
  14. TSiUG

    Plasti Dip emblem fuck up?

    So I decided today to plasti dip my front and rear vw emblems because I think it looks good on UG cars. I followed the instructions from this guys video: APUwuyBXwbA now I looked at this guys video and he uses WAY less plastidip: hbGzSnN9YX4&NR I went to go check on it just now and the...
  15. TSiUG

    TSI K04 vs damn quick SRT-4 Neon

    So today I was on the way to my buddies house to help him install springs on his 335xi and I see a red skittle coming up pretty fast behind me. I had a 60 lb floor jack in my car plus 200+ lbs of shit/luggage in my hatch that I am driving down to Greenville, SC tomorrow to help my parents move...
  16. TSiUG

    Cheapest place in Dayton/CBUS/CINCY area for valve cleaning

    I have hit the 40k mark and want to get my valves cleaned either by a shop, or someone who has done it before and can back up their work. Let me know if u guys know anyone/anywhere that does it well and for a decent price. A PM would be awesome, as I only check regionals every once in a while...
  17. TSiUG

    Has anyone had multiple Mechatronics replaced?

    My DSG is acting up again. Loud clicking when shifting from Park to drive and vice versa. Also when sitting at a stand-still when first gear engages it is very jerky. Besides those 2 problems it seems to be driving fine. The weird thing is when I start my car cold I dont have these issues...
  18. TSiUG

    K04 Logs....n75/wastegate issue?

    OK guys, mods are in sig. I ran these logs about a month ago because I wanted to make sure my baby was running right before winter comes to Ohio and logs become hard as hell to run. I briefly talked with Grambles about the results and my boost looks pretty good, and timing pull isnt too bad...
  19. TSiUG

    Trying to discover why such low MPG with APR TSI

    Ok, so I have been searching threads on low MPGs for about 2 months now and have tried a few different things and nothing has helped. So dont blast me for creating a new thread on this subject plz as I have done my fair share of looking into the issue..... A little background: I had my APR TSI...
  20. TSiUG

    TSI K04 vs 2013 Focus ST

    Minding my own business I line up at a stop light that is right before my entrance to the freeway on ramp. I see what i think is an orange Ford Fiesta weaving behind me to get ahead of cars and get behind me so he can enter the freeway as well. He was really close to my back bumper so I still...