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    What is going on here (boost problems)

    Hi guys, I want to see what your opinions and comments are based on these graphs. Somethings not right. Time to find the culprit Mods: -GTTx k04 hybrid -DM k04+ base tune (1st file, so likely quite a conservative one..cant even spin tires in 2nd lol) -s3 injectors -forge twintercooler (Note...
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    yet another tire fitment question thread

    I have a set of work wheels current specs: 18x8 et46 5x114.3 I ran them last season and they tuck like hell Going to build a set of 15mm adapters @ my shop Question 1: Fronts will then be 18x8 et31 Is 225/40 pushing it or should i go with 215/40? Plan to roll the fronts, fender screw-mod done...
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    wheel gurus needed!

    So my air ride will be in within a few days... my wheels are 18x8 et46 all around what kind if spacers will i need to run on the fronts & rears for a flush setup (im runnin 215/40 all around aswell) Thanks in advance! p.s i work at a machine shop and will make em myself, so any size is possible
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    My golf, so far..

    Hi guys, been on this forum since I bought my golf, never really posted or anythin, just used it as a library :P Anyways here's a quick point&shoot of my 07 gti (p.s it's wearing work termist s1c's on supersports/koni yellows)
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    fitment question

    found a set of monoblocks im really interested in...18x8 et45 wrapped in 225/40/ runnin supersports w. koni yellows. i shudnt have any issues right? also regarding spacers, what would u guys recommend for a nice flush look (mind the tire size) i dnt have much wheel experience, so thanks in...