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  1. InvinDT531

    WTT: 17" OEM Denvers for Classix or other OEM

    Looking for anyone wanting to trade for my OEM Denvers. Denvers 17" with stock all seasons off my 2010 GTI. No curbage, mint besides minor scratches from 2 years of use. Looking for 17" Classix, may be interested in other VW or Audi OEM wheels... PM Offers. I live in northern CT between...
  2. InvinDT531

    Your top ten Cars!

    DD: -My GTI -Acura RDX -Audi RS4 / S4 -Porsche Cayenne Turbo WT: -Audi TTS soft top -Porsche 911 Speedster -Porsche Boxter Spyder -Porsche 911 Turbo S -Audi R8
  3. InvinDT531

    What are you listening to?

    Also... this is the band I listen to probably 90% of the time... ^^ I listen to almost anything... Some favorites include Led Zeppelin The Beatles Phish Dave Matthews (older stuff) Bela Fleck Paul Simon Tom Petty Rolling Stones i could go on for days...
  4. InvinDT531

    What are you listening to? I'm the drummer on the right on the front... me playing with the mclovins at infinity hall in CT. =)
  5. InvinDT531

    What are you listening to?

    I've been listening to this band for about a year now... They're amazing!! Been to a ton of shows and own both their albums!
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    Anyone going ? I am! Just wondering if anyone wants to cruise down also.
  8. InvinDT531

    Thx Dan GSR <3 (High Res)

    Before: After: Springs, Mount Insert, Passat bolts in about 54min. =D :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  9. InvinDT531

    Rabbit Steelies + Tires 2k Miles in CT

    Selling my stock 15" steelies and tires from my 2008 rabbit. Both wheels and tires have only about 2k miles on them. I bought 17" wheels and replaced them almost instantly. They have no TPMS but have all four hub caps. Tires are the standard VW issue Continental ProContact 195/65 R15. Looking...
  10. InvinDT531

    CT cruise to LI BBQ 2010

    It goes without saying... I went last year and will be going again this year! I live in Enfield, CT... wondering if anyone from near here wants to meet up somewhere and head to the bbq. Nothing makes the ride better than staring at another mk5.
  11. InvinDT531

    Mark's Cruise Night

    Hey, I've been once a while back and this time brought the camera... there was a vw theme this week so a couple more there.. 580 cars total this monday... and it takes place every monday. Pretty much any car can get in... there were a couple ricers. Mostly muscle cars though. I just uploaded...
  12. InvinDT531

    RV crunched my rabbit

    Today at work, an RV rolled into my rabbit while i was not in it. Luckily he came into my work and got me.... Huge dents in my right rear quarter panel, right door, and right front fender... as well as some wheel damage. Also I noticed on the roof of my car towards the rear there was some...
  13. InvinDT531

    Some pics from today - wheel gap!!

    So I'm going to hershey, pa at the end of the week.. Then I'll look into my funds and see if I can get springs for my car. This gap is crazy!! I'll probably stick with stock shocks and just wait to replace those. Pretty sure I'm going to go with H&R race springs. First one is my gf w/ my bunny...
  14. InvinDT531

    WTB 17's in CT

    WTB 17's w/o tires - usable condition - really cheap for pickup or 18's w/ tires -Basically looking for any 17's ... preferably any vw style. -Bolt pattern 5x112 -Have tires for 17's and wanna replace stock steelies on my rabbit =P -Also looking for 18's if they come with tires and the price...