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    Looking into new engine mounts / transmission mount

    Who has most problem free aftermarket mounts. BFI? BSH? VMW? I read some interesting complaints about BSH? Can anyone report after 10-15k if you are still problem free?
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    R32 Exhaust fittment

    Will R32 muffler and end tips fit on GTI or does the down pipe need to be replaced as well? P.S. of course with the R32 rear bumper etc... I am just wondering if the fitment is similar on the exhaust?
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    WTB United Gray R32 style rear bumper

    pm or text - (3 one 4) 3 one 5 - 5900 - if you have one for sale.
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    2008 GTI 6CD changer unit problems

    I get CDC Hardware Error when trying to load or unload CD's... Is the unit bad or can I fix it... If it is a bad unit, what other unit out there with navigation is the best fit for our GTI? I am not sure that I want to spend 500USD on OEM Navigation.
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    WTB roof rails for bike rack

    I am looking for OEM or good quality set that will allow me to put bike rack on the roof. I am talking about those two rails going door to door across the roof.
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    OEM Bike Racks

    Does anyone know OEM part number for those OEM bicycle carier racks / set? Those two rails going door to door accross the roof.
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    Spark Plugs change time

    Stealership wants 16$ per a plug. Where do I order OEM sparkplugs for less?
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    HAWK Breaks - who has the best price?

    Break Change time has come for my 2008 GTI. Where should I order hawks from/ who has the best price?
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    Warranty Mechatronics Unit Replacement

    I am just interested, if the warranted mechatronic unit replacement requires them to change DSG transmission fluid in the process. DSG requires 400$ DSG transmission fluid service at 40k.
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    On United Gray to replace 18" Huffs which would you pic

    Bremmer Kraft BR05 Finish: Black w/Mach Lip Bremmer Kraft BR05 Finish: Bright Silver Paint ASA GT1 Finish: Black w/Mach Lip ASA GT1 Finish: Bright Silver Paint
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    New Tires for the Huffs

    I read, and read, and read, and read, and read, and now I understand that I do not understand tires. I came down to few options (all season tires): Falken ZIEX 912 BL 92W Kumho Ecsta LX Platinum 92W Cooper Zeon Sport A/S 92W ------------------------------------------ What do you think?
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    APR stage 1 parts to change - dv question

    DV is left on my list - what part number is it, where do you get it from - dealer-stealer or internet?
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    2.76 KG per a wheel
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    APR program list

    When you get APR stage 1 is the program list consistent between installs - meaning: Cruise Control Set: 1) Stock 2) 91 3) 93 And then when you get other programs: Cruise Control Resume: 1) ? 2) ? 3) ? 4) ?
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    BSH PCV - just installed - do you find oil leaks

    I am just interested - does it produce oil leaks around the cap?
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    Alfa MITO GTA - have you seen it 0-62 in 5 sec.

    240HP 0-62 in 5 seconds - so they say. Listen to 5:10 - 5:50 The sound:
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    Replacing stock rotors with the drilled rotors?!

    Which drilled rotors would be the best for increase in breaking performance?
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    Best PCV's for stage 1 Is this the best pcv to get for stage1? is this a good price for it?
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    Who painted you're lip, sides and rear bumper and for how much

    Is it even possible to do it yourself and do it well? I have UGray - what is the best way to go about painting front, side and rear plastic to match the body color?
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    Would you trade your new GTI for this - I know I would even at the loss :- )(

    The Italian design, German engineering, and 265HP.. :mad0259: Check out the interior:bow: I want one: I want one .........